Breakfree Trading Review – Scam or Legit?

Breakfree Trading is a Forex system and training tool that preaches the world of effortless trading. Breakfree Trading wants traders to know that their users ”enjoy 8x better success rate than the average retail trader.” According to them, Breakfree Trading is a revolutionary change from the ‘old way’ of trading.

Therefore, in this review, I will let you know whether Breakfree Trading is offering a viable investment opportunity or taking investors for a ride.

Breakfree Trading is said to be owned by Anton Kann and Asger Emborg based in Singapore. Apart from the sales video you watched on their website, you will not see any other information about this duo. No information pertaining to their trading history and experience is available in the marketplace.

Breakfree Trading Review

Breakfree Trading Review

This duo listed a couple of trading methods and termed them an ”old way of trading”. They want you to believe that their method is the way. Allegedly, their trading system is the new and simpler way of trading world markets.

Their online store sells 2 plans of trading tools called the Discovery plan ($69/month) and the Pro plan ($199/month).

While the Breakfree Trading Discovery plan works on the Forex market only, the Pro plan is allowed to be used on every trading asset in the world including stocks and futures.

Breakfree Trading Platform

Breakfree Trading claims that the algorithm of their trading system will handpick trades for you every single day.

The cost of their products is relatively higher than the industry’s standards when you consider the duration of using these tools.

In the meantime, I’m also letting you know that this page consists of our recommended trading tools which we’ve found to be very effective.

All of the trading products on that page come with a yearly price tag or a one-time payment model.

Breakfree Trading Strategy

The Breakfree Trading sales page centers on what their trading algorithm will offer. I can’t recommend these products because there’s no real trading strategy explanation behind their trading algorithm.

Breakfree Trading Strategy

The only thing they’ve told us is that their trading algorithm processes & decodes market structure in real time for you. Similarly, they’ve also said that their Breakfree Trading algorithm identifies the highest probability trades and filters out the bad ones for you.

We don’t need a lot of talk or marketing language. All we require in this aspect is an honest overview of their trading approach and how their trading algorithm can identify a good trade, which apparently they do not provide.

Breakfree Trading Results

There is a section of their sales page that covers the Breakfree Trading performance result with a reference link to The result statement spans over 3 months (August-November) of live trading with the Breakfree Trading algorithm in 2019. According to them, Breakfree Trading closed an initial account of $10,000 with $29,664 in November.

Breakfree Trading Result

These results are looking impressive but there is no way we can verify the authenticity. TradingView is an open-source charting system and with that, a vendor can simply select the desired trades to show.

This kind of approach used by Breakfree Trading can only show that the algorithm has won trades in the past. However, it does not tell us whether these winnings are sustainable or not. Also, we can’t be sure that the vendor is still trading with this algorithm as it stands.

This is why products like Auvoria Prime have also scored poor ratings in our recent reviews.

Breakfree Trading needs to launch its account on a 3rd party statement-sharing site like With a verified account, we can track the algorithm live as it is trading. Furthermore, with a account, we can be sure that the vendor is currently making use of the system.


Although Anton Kann and Asger Emborg appear like professional trading product vendors, the truth is that they have nothing worth paying money for.

This duo doesn’t have a trading history or reputation in the marketplace apart from that video you watched on their sales page.

We need to see their actual trading performance on to believe their claims.

Please let us know your experience with this vendor. Did Breakfree Trading scam you?

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5 thoughts on “Breakfree Trading Review – Scam or Legit?”

  1. They are clearly scamsters
    They won’t reply to emails
    Paid for the product on the 22nd June and have not been able to use the product

    1. Hi John,

      Were you able to get in contact and use the product or they remain silent?
      I had been thinking of trying it out, however also worried for the just another scam.

  2. I am a break free trading user i am happy with my results if you want to make a $1 million from $5 in 2 days no software, program, signals, or any service will make you happy because you are not realistic but if you want to make 18%–25% on average monthly returns month after month then their service is a good fit for anyone and everyone.

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