Bounce Trader Review ( System)

Bounce Trader is a Forex system programmed with 20% strategy and 80% trade management. Bounce Trader System is a yet another Forex robot created by Leapfx. The developer makes aggressive claims to the point that every trader must believe it’s a scam. And for sure when I come across statements such as ”Over 4,600% Profit in A Couple of Months!” etc, I can only suspect that the developer is an internet marketer and a cheat probably. Bounce Trader Leapfx has created many automated trading systems since they emerged in 2012. Bounce Trader is just one of the many products that was released by LeapFX besides trading systems like The Skilled Trader, Jet Trader Pro, Arbitron EA and many more. Many people including myself believe that this developer is rushing to produce multiple products within a short duration. With so many products at hand, one might not be sure whether ample support will be provided to licensed buyers. For support, you can contact Leapfx team using [email protected].

Bounce Trader Review

Leapfx has created a very classy sales page for the sake of promoting the Bounce Trader EA and the trading results which they purport to have achieved. The team believes that proper trade management is the determinant of your Fx trading outcome. The Bounce Trader robot is therefore purported to trade with the lowest risk methods. Bounce Trader EA Review To persuade the trading community further, the owners of Bounce Trader even list a number of features regarding their trading attributes.

  • 1 Trade at a Time
  • No Hedging
  • No Martingale
  • No Massive Stop Loss
  • All Trades are Protected with Stop Loss and Take Profit

While some of the statements above actually hold water, others are just a ploy to make you see why their method is possibly the real deal. You should probably know that how much you make trading with the best Forex robots depend on your account size and risk you select.

Trading Strategy

Leapfx team believe they can provide a real EA that trades using combination of Forex strategies i.e Momentum, Price Action and Key levels. Bounce Trader Strategy 1 The team believes that combining these strategies is the best way to increase accuracy which in turn creates a more reliable, consistent, and profitable result. Their main selling point is that the Bounce Trader system is fully automated and trades for you, it opens, manages, and closes trades utilizing multiple strategy components. Bounce Trader Strategy 2 The Bounce Trader strategy explanations sound very basic but in reality, it is complex and not easy to implement in an EA. We are not sure where the truth lies but we are certain that their overall strategy insight comes short when compared to what you will see in our review of EA Monster.

Software Result

Bounce Trader has provided multiple account statements from They claim that they’re using this EA to make a lot of money. Consequently, they’re showing us accounts that have gained over 900% profit within a few months. However, I suspect that leapfx has a sinister motive in showing us these results. Their live account is showing gains of +966.15% while with just a total trades of 28. Bounce Trader Result 1 Essentially, these myfxbook figures does not depict proper trade management as they claim. If you see such a statistics, it means the developer is trading with a very high percentage of the account balance instead of gradually growing their account with average profits from a good number of trades. Unfortunately for most traders, most (if not all) of the accounts show this high risk reward approach of trading. It means the developer is risking a lot to make the equity curve climb higher even when there’s a possibility of account crashing. Bounce Trader Result 2 Nonetheless, I still ask myself why leapfx is using a high risk approach when their sales page claims they are using 80% trade management approach to make a lot of money.


A good part of the Bounce Trader sales pitch looks interesting. The results section of the sales page features statement sharing services like myfxbook. However, my analysis can confirm that leapfx is probably hiding something which they don’t want traders to know about. Every time I went through the results, I discovered that they were trading large lot sizes risking a great amount of the entire account balance. Considering that the robot is new and have only existed for a couple of months now, I do not have confidence in this product as it stands. Thanks for reading this Bounce Trader review. I would love to read your comments regarding the same.

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