Bitcoinfxtrade Review

Bitcoinfxtrade is an online investment site that claims to be one of the first companies to invest in cryptocurrency. Bitcoinfxtrade is parading themselves as a ”leading blockchain investment company, consists only of qualified people connected with the financial industry for years”.

Bitcoinfxtrade Review

For the less experienced, Bitcoinfxtrade may sound like the best opportunity to make some decent profit, but this company is doing the exact opposite. Bitcoinfxtrade is nothing more than an unregulated, anonymous website, making investors lament for their losses as a result of dealing with this investment dealer.  Read the following research if you still believe in their offer.

Bitcoinfxtrade Review

Bitcoinfxtrade is not a legit investment site, but an anonymous, unregulated website, which bears all the hallmarks of a scam.

Throughout the whole sales pitch there is no details on corporate background, not to mention any license information.

Bitcoinfxtrade Scam


And because they mentioned that they are ”a legally operating company in the US”, we shall just note that any broker authorized to operate on U.S. soil should be duly licensed and regulated by the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) as a Futures Commission Merchant (FCM) and Foreign Exchange Dealer (FED) and should also be a member of the National Futures Association (NFA). Needless to say that Bitcoinfxtrade is not regulated neither with CFTC nor with any other official financial regulator for that matter.

When an investment service is not licensed, chances are that they are in business with the wrong motive. This is the reason why complaints are arising because the website is definitely a scam.

Bitcoinfxtrade Ownership

This Forex and investment scam have managed to keep their owners under wraps, and this is a red flag. If they are honest with their dealings, I see no reason why company executives and background should be hidden.

Bitcoinfxtrade fake

As a matter of fact, they are using fake photos and false names to claim corporate executive. There is no way to verify that they people whose pictures are shown on their website actually work for Bitcoinfxtrade. Links to their social media page is also a dead end and only return clicks back to the Bitcoinfxtrade homepage.

Yet this company expects investors to trust them with your hard earned money upfront. The bottom line is that you should never trust this company.

Bitcoinfxtrade Breakdown

Address: Paul Street London, EC2A4NE

Minimum deposit: $300

Maximum ROI : Up to $5000

Special bonus: 75%

Registration: None

Regulation: Unlicensed

Bitcoinfxtrade ROI

Bitcoinfxtrade Scam or Legit?

Bitcoinfxtrade is an unlicensed investment site offering about 4 investment packages with deposit requirement extending from $300 – $100 000. In this case, bonus extends from 35%-75%.

They provide the address in London and a phone number as well. This is to create the illusion of transparency and honesty. However, this address has never been scrutinized and chances are high that this company’s physical presence is not associated with the stated address.

They might give clients a cold call but, whatever they say, Bitcoinfxtrade is not a legitimate investment site and don’t give in by sending them any money.


Bitcoinfxtrade is not a real investment manager. The website is run by 100% faceless scammers, that’s why their social media links are not working.

It means every information you read on that website is fake and not in your best mind. They are not licensed and there is no legit proof of corporate registration and ownership.

If they’re not getting these right, do not believe for a second that they will invest your money.

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