Bitcoin Society Review

Bitcoin Society is a new crypto trading scam software that promises to make you extensive income trading cryptocurrency. Billy Mensa is the fabricated name of the maker behind the Bitcoin Society system. The most important scam alert we discovered from this scam Crypto robot is their association with notorious offshore brokers that are known for numerous negative complaints linked to them. This signifies that even if the trader manages to break through using the Bitcoin Society, the funds will never be paid. Also there are so many scam tactics planted on the official website of Bitcoin Society system. Thus I advice you to go through this Bitcoin Society review before thinking of depositing with there brokers. Because definitely it will be a great disappointment.

Bitcoin Society Reviews

Bitcoin Society Scam

The video of Bitcoin Society shows luxurious scenes to give the trader the perception that he will be able to make a lot of money with this system.

Then  the moved to the testimonials where the used some stock pictures to say some nice things about the software to prove the fact that people can make money through this system while we know for sure that what they are selling is illegal and too good to be true.

Unrealistic claims

The Bitcoin Society makes this hilarious claim that the system was able to generate more than 83% on autopilot. Every trader understands that trading is a challenging endeavour and the money does not pour in that easily. The trader will have to struggle a lot to master trading and earn this much.

The want us to believe that the trader can earn through this system without having knowledge about trading. Well if the trader has no experience then he is an easy victim for the scammers and this is why they are more interested in having those traders on board who lack the knowledge about trading.

Also, video of The Bitcoin Society fails to provide an indept insight of the system. The trader is clueless how this system works because the video is more focused on praising the system and this is one of the major setbacks of this system.

Now when an investor is trying to judge whether a system is a scam or not then he should look at the website quite carefully. It will give him a clue if the system is genuine or not. When the investor looks at the website of Bitcoin Society then there are many red flags.

Fake News Endorsement

Do not fall for the fake media logos and icons seen on the Bitcoin Society. It is just a mean to get novice traders to think that other people is using this software profitably.

The logic is that if they have been endorsed by SkyNews, CNN etc, why are there numerous negative review from thousands of day traders that used this software?

Also, to show us a trading result of this roque software but we noticed that the Bitcoin Society App is not actually trading crypto currencies like bitcoin, Ethereum etc. Rather we saw that the software provided signals on common Forex pairs like EURUSD, USDJPY etc. So Bitcoin Society will not trade crypto currencies but will waste your money in form of unreliable Forex signals, beware.

Conclusion and Verdict: Bitcoin Society system is 100% lame scam!

Similar Scam Exposed is the Maximus Crypto Bot

Bitcoin Society is a new crypto auto trading system that claims to make unrealistic fortunes for traders even without any knowledge of trading. Based on our experience we are sure that this Bitcoin Society ‘project’ is 100% fraud and will never yield any fund to the trader. Online trading is lucrative but the trader should at least know the basis before he can actually make some real cash from this industry and the right way to invest is never through the Bitcoin Society software. The trader has to be wise and  make sure to choose reliable trading tools and say no to these scam systems.

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