Bird Forex Signal Review

Bird Forex Signal is a signal vendor whose presentation lacks in many ways. Actually, the signal service provider has not made clear any of its trading strategy, and its corporate information is very scarce. This, in combination with the lack of a legit trading result, is the reason why we gave them such a low rating. Besides this, the signals vendor has a long way to go in terms of reputation. You see, they are new on the internet plus the company Bird Forex Signals does not have a reasonable potential to provide signal services to traders on the internet. So this means, we see no reason to recommend the Bird Forex Signal, which means that the motive should be very obvious; to lure unsuspecting victims and once they have made a deposit, the vendor can steal it altogether.

We don’t believe that it is a coincidence since the vendor is new and their is a great deal of proof and evidence that this signal service is not reliable and cannot be used to trade the financial markets safely. Since they know that this signal service has a bad reputation and people generally view it as a shady service, the site has invested in some features such as promises of 85% win rate, number of signals delivered among other things in order to attract consumers.

The company is offering signals of up to 9 times in a week which is not very high. It will suit most trading styles out there. We believe that increased number of signals delivered is a very necessarily aspect to look out for in a forex signals vendor. It gives you more opportunity to trade the market. At the same time, it is a double edge sword which means that traders should use it with care. Excessive signals will definitely lead to losses if you don’t know how to use it. On the other hand, low signals frequency will be of benefit but at the same time will deny you the opportunity to take maximum advantage from what your trading balance can give you.

Having said that, we should go straight to the disadvantages that are associated with Bird Forex Signals. There are quite a few and it wouldn’t be fair to end this review without touching on them. In fact, these are the reasons why we have stated that this vendor is not reliable and safe to use. If you’re looking for signals services that have high profit potential to provide financial services to traders on the internet, this list can provide you with the necessarily clue on where to get them.

Bird Forex Signal Review

If this vendor wasn’t a scam, they would have provided massive benefits to traders looking for variety. By the way, this vendor has a lot of assets for trading signals. If you are the kind of trader who loves to go for variety of assets that can be traded, this vendor would be the best choice provided they were not a scam. Their portfolio of trade able assets consists of a wide range of currency pairs. To be specific, the vendor is offering signals on GBPJPY, CADJPY, GBPNZD, GOLD, AUDUSD, EURJPY, AUDJPY, USDJPY, EURCAD, USDCAD, GBPNZD, GBPCAD, GBPJPY.

We already have issues with Bird Forex Signal and we believe that everyone else on the internet has the same issues against this vendor. Our advice would be to ignore the services of this vendor completely because if you don’t, the red flags which the service has on its website will make you regret for having ignored them in the first place. This vendor does not look like a professional place where traders can pay and recieve signals without any problems.

Limited corporate information, no potentials

As we mentioned in the opening paragraphs of the present review, Bird Forex Signals has mentioned nothing about the company behind it, even its name. There is no contact number either, 100% anonymous traders selling forex signals with no potentials.

That being said, the only way to contact them is via a contact form on the website.

So, Bird Forex Signal service is anonymous, and we do not know who the traders analyzing the market behind the service are. This is a sign of trouble because potential clients (or victims) have no one to turn to in case they have legitimate grievances.

No Trading Result

Bird Forex Signal promised traders 800-1500 pips per month from 9 signals per week. Each signal comes with entry price, take profit and stoploss. They are compatible with all brokers, delivered by whatsapp and email. However, our research has revealed that the vendor is actually one of the many entities with no verified trading account.

The community requires that any vendor who wants to sell signals for trading should get a verified result from Myfxbook or anyother statement sharing platform. Unfortunately, Bird Forex Signal is not verified and does not hold any legitimate result that allows them to recieve a wide community acceptance.

Bird Forex Signal website has also fabricated result content which includes currency pairs, order type, open price, close price Net p/l. This is so unprofessional. They can manipulate the table directly from their websites. It only means that they are scammers who are very lazy and unable to do a proper job in order to present a professional result performance.

Bird Forex Signal Performance

Trading strategy are not elaborated

Bird Forex Signals refrains from discussing how their trend reversal strategy works. If you are going to sign up as a client, there is no way to find out what approach to use for the strategy and so on. You basically have to hope that the vendor is providing perfect trading signals services which may not be the case. Transparency is very important and if a vendor cannot show you how transparent they are, you are better off avoiding them at all cost.

Avoid Bird Forex Signal!

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The reason you cannot trust a vendor like Bird Forex Signal Services is because they are operated by a dubious people already. Anonymous vendors are known for running several major scams in the Forex trading world. Please stick to our recommended signals to be safe. 

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