AX Trader EA Review (High Frequent Trades)

AX Trader is an expert advisor that promises high frequent trades on a selection of 6 currency pairs. The vendor says that AX Trader EA can make you up to 39% profit per month automatically. They want us to buy the EA now in order to get frequent and accurate trades.

AX Trader Review

AX Trader Review

The vendor of this Forex robot are LeapFX. LeapFX is a robot software developer with more than 10 years of development experience. They have a couple of other automated trading systems which they created on their own or acquired from an original vendor. However, the vendor is more inclined in acquiring and re-branding already available software. We see this trend commonly in their most recent release which includes DynaScalp. We can reach Leapfx using their professional contact email at [email protected].

AX Trader Breakdown

The sales page of this auto trading software does not necessarily appeal to the eye but what I’m mostly interested in is the quality of the EA.

There is a section that highlights features of the AX Trader expert advisor as well as trading strategy:

  • 100% automated trading software
  • Makes use of Trend and Fibonacci strategy
  • Trades on EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, USDCAD, USDJPY, USDCHF pairs on the Meta Trader 4 platform.
  • Average 39% monthly profit, compounded
  • Trades open and close automatically, no monitoring, no intervention needed.
  • Built-in news detection technology aids in profiting from extreme volatility
  • Full installation guide and support provided
  • Auto money management built in
  • Adapts to market conditions, settings don’t need tuning.

There is also a section that shows screenshots of trading results with alleged 100% profit in less than 3 months. The vendor believes that we can rely on this trading sample as a proof of what the robot can do for you.

AX Trader EA Review

Other sections of the AX Trader sales page include how it works, earning potentials, installation steps, links to results and YouTube tutorials.

Also, they want us to know that the AX Trader EA is 100% automated robot that will make money for you passively with your choice of broker.

You should know by now that the best Forex EA in market will definitely sell even without all the wording.


This software was specifically created to dynamically manage every trade and close each trade for you on a selection of 6 currency pairs.

It utilizes the Fibonacci indicator in addition to trend indicators to determine entry and exit points.

The developer says that the software is fully automated and will grow your account for you without interference and without adjustments.

They’re actually talking of 100% automated trade management but forgetting to explain why they believe that a combination of Fibonacci with trend indicators will actually automate our profits.

The strategy of this robot is therefore not very clear as we can’t find any reasons to believe there’s an edge here.


There are two payment options available for purchase. Traders can pay a one time fee of $297 for a year or $497 life time license fee.

AX Trader Pricing

Each of the pricing options comes with an AX Trader Software, Free Updates, Full Customer Support, Best Recommendations, and 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

AX Trader Results

AX Trader presents live verified trading results from fxblue and

Here at  Scam EA Test, we don’t pay much attention to FXblue results because the platform is open to all kinds of manipulations.

AX Trader results

The AX Trader EA has an active myfxbook real account with a gain of +253.87%.

This account was hosted on the Blaze Markets brokerage platform and it was last updated September 09.

Furthermore, the vendor is not comfortable with people seeing some of the important parameters of this account, hence the padlock signs.

AX Trader Result2

While monthly return is only 26.50%, drawdown is a yelling 67.99%. This is clearly what we can term as poor trading results.


I do not find any compelling reasons why I should subscribe or even recommend the AX Trader EA to our readers. The vendor lacks confidence in his trading performance hence the reason he is hiding essential parameters.

This EA does not sound like the right strategy that will give you an edge in the Forex market.

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AX Trader Expert Advisor


Trading Result











  • myfxbook result
  • Popular vendor


  • High drawdown
  • Hiding parameters
  • Costly
  • Poor strategy insight
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