Aussie Victor EA Review

Aussie Victor EA promises to be a trading system designed for AUD-CAD, utilizing machine learning to identify price patterns. However, there are several concerns and drawbacks that potential buyers should carefully consider before investing in this EA.

Aussie Victor MT5 EA

Aussie Victor EA Review

Aussie Victor EA claims to be a grid-based FX expert advisor that employs cost averaging to enter positions and ensure a profitable outcome. It also includes features such as a stop-loss function, a news filter, and a smart grid that adapts to market volatility. The minimum account balance required is $1000 with 1:500 leverage, but it can be used with as little as $10 on a cent account.

The primary trading strategy of Aussie Victor is based on grid and cost averaging, which is inherently high-risk. While the developer advises only trading with money that can be lost, this level of risk may not be suitable for many traders, especially those looking for more conservative strategies.

Testing and using this EA on live accounts involve a series of steps, including downloading setfiles, configuring input parameters, and ensuring the correct ticker is used. This complexity may deter less experienced traders who seek user-friendly solutions.

Aussie Victor EA Trading Strategy:

Aussie Victor EA relies heavily on grid and cost averaging strategies, which are known for their “high risk/high reward” nature. While this approach can yield profits, it can also lead to significant losses during periods of adverse market conditions.

Aussie Victor Strategy Tester

Traders should exercise extreme caution and consider their risk tolerance before using this EA.


  1. Stop Loss Function: The inclusion of a stop-loss function is a positive aspect of this EA, as it allows users to limit their potential losses. However, the effectiveness of this feature depends on the market conditions and the user’s configuration.
  2. News Filter and Smart Grid: The EA’s use of a news filter and a smart grid to adapt to market volatility is a noteworthy feature that can potentially enhance performance during specific market conditions.
  3. Compatibility with Different Account Sizes: The EA can be used with both standard accounts (minimum $1000) and cent accounts (minimum $10), offering some flexibility to traders with varying capital.


  1. High Risk: The primary trading strategy of grid and cost averaging is inherently high risk, and the developer’s warning about potential losses underscores the uncertainty associated with this approach.
  2. Complex Setup: The setup process for testing and using the EA on live accounts involves numerous steps, which may deter traders looking for a simpler, more user-friendly solution.
  3. Limited Transparency: The lack of detailed information about the machine learning process and the underlying logic behind the EA raises concerns about its reliability and effectiveness.


While Aussie Victor EA offers some features that may appeal to experienced traders, its high-risk trading strategy, complex setup, and limited transparency about its underlying technology make it a risky investment choice for most traders. Caution is advised, and thorough testing on a demo account is recommended before considering its use on a live trading account.

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