Arbitron EA Review

Arbitron EA Review.Arbitron EA is an automated trading robot that is making ludicrous claims. Arbitron Robot claims that they took their account from $100 to $11,496 in 1 Month. Arbitron does not just predict the market, but it knows where the market is going. It’s also beginner friendly and fully automated.  To learn more about Arbitron EA and why it is a scam, continue reading this important review.

Note: We would not recommend this robot because first, the EA is priced very exorbitantly and second the strategy is unpopular and comes with numerous disadvantages.

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The people behind this software Arbitron is the Leapfx team, a vendor of a multitude of forex trading tools in the industry. To get in touch with the Arbitron EA and know more about Leapfx, you can email them at [email protected].

Arbitron EA Review

Arbitron EA is the latest Forex expert advisor to make use of the arbitrage trading strategy. The vendors purport that it utilizes latency arbitrage to capture insanely massive profits within seconds. The EA works on important trading currency pairs AUDUSD, EURGBP, EURJPY, EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCAD, USDCHF, USDJPY, and M1 timeframe. Unlike other arbitrage systems, this system comes with a direct premium price feed that’s very fast. The claims that this vendor is touting are indeed high and if possible the highest profit potential we have seen in the EA industry.

It is totally in character for Forex EA vendors or signal providers to start out with claims of making clients richer. This is because everyone seeking out easier ways to trade effectively does so to make more profit.

However, traders need to be careful about believing everything they encounter in the business sphere. Some are geared to just deceive and steal their funds.

What’s more on the bad side, the vendor is selling a complete license at a one-time price of $799 which is far beyond the average expert advisor price. It offers a lifetime license, a lifetime update, and support.

Trading Strategy

As the name of the EA suggests, the Arbitron robot works based on the unusual arbitrage trading strategy and not technical analysis. Arbitrage in the world of finance refers to a trading strategy that takes advantage of irregularities in a financial market. Unfortunately, the disadvantages of this strategy are numerous and include higher transaction costs plus the strategy works on a limited time frame and asset types.

On the other hand, technical analysis can be applied to virtually any trading instrument and in any timeframe. Technical analysis can be used to analyze anything from stocks, commodities, interest rates, or forex. You can also apply technical analysis from a short-term perspective to a longer-term time frame.


We would not recommend this robot because first, the EA is priced very exorbitantly and second the strategy is unpopular and comes with numerous disadvantages.

Also, we would like to see a real client trading account showing the Arbitron robot in action. Leapfx published results of the Arbitron EA showing massive gains with hidden parameters that we could not investigate.

Compare Forex Expert Advisors

Having said this, the most important thing is to find the right expert advisor or trading tool for your benefit. Taking advantage of these trading robots will help you make money consistently.

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3 thoughts on “Arbitron EA Review”

  1. Bought EA on 3 month plan. Set it up over December on a live account on XM Global. EA made a loss. Contacted support to rectify performance – was advised January would be better. In January losses increased, this time I was advised a recommended broker works better. Changed broker and the EA placed no trades. Logged support request that got answered after 48 hours without resolving profitability. Decided to cut losses and not pay final $347 – the writing was on the wall. Think twice before buying this EA.

  2. Arbitron does not work.
    It’s a scam.
    They don’t give back money.
    6 times they made me setup and no results.
    I got 2 bills to zero.
    The third account went down as well but I stopped it.
    Unreliable firm.
    Expensive and malfunctioning product …

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