AladdinBOT Review

AladdinBOT is a purported AI trading bot platform that emerges onto the scene with a veil of mystery surrounding its ownership and legitimacy. Despite its claims of innovation, the lack of transparency raises red flags from the outset.

AladdinBOT MLM

Should you trust AladdinBOT?

AladdinBOT presents itself as a revolutionary AI-based Telegram trading bot, offering a range of features such as real-time market data, advanced charting tools, and order and risk management systems. However, scrutiny reveals a concerning lack of verifiable information regarding its ownership and legal standing.

AladdinBOT Scam

The platform boasts an array of features, portraying itself as a cutting-edge solution for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Yet, the absence of tangible proof regarding the functionality and success of its trading bot raises doubts about the platform’s legitimacy.

Business Model

AladdinBOT attempts to establish credibility through a UK company registration certificate for “Aladdinbot Limited.” However, the FCA’s ban on MLM cryptocurrency investment schemes raises questions about the platform’s legality. Contradictions in its supposed location, with ties suggested to both the UK and Dubai, further cloud the company’s legitimacy.


AladdinBOT’s lack of retailable products or services is a glaring concern. Affiliates are solely incentivized to market AladdinBOT’s affiliate membership, hinting at a classic MLM structure. This absence of tangible products or services is a significant drawback, casting shadows over the platform’s legitimacy.

AladdinBOT ROI

The compensation plan revolves around affiliates investing in cryptocurrency with promises of attractive returns. However, the absence of evidence showcasing payouts from trading revenue raises doubts about the sustainability of these returns. AladdinBOT’s passive returns investment scheme seems to align with securities offerings, without proper registration, potentially constituting securities fraud.

Aladdin BOT Affiliate

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AladdinBOT appears to be a run-of-the-mill MLM crypto Ponzi, shrouded in the guise of an AI trading bot. Mark Davis, the alleged CEO, carries a history linked to questionable schemes, raising concerns about the platform’s credibility. With no evidence of revenue beyond new investments, AladdinBOT stands on shaky ground, teetering towards the ominous fate of collapsing MLM Ponzi schemes.

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