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4x Pip Snager Review

4x Pip Snager is not the robot to go for. Being old and lack of proof of performance, it can be a risky investment.

We therefore advice that you stick with these robots instead. They’ve been tested for the longest time now. Their concept is proven, unlike what you’re getting with 4x Pip Snager.

The trading results are exactly what you would expect from a system developed in the early ages of Forex trading. There are a collection of screenshots, but they are very rudimentary, and do nothing to prove that the system has any capabilities of winning in the short or long-term.


Currently Best Performing Forex Trading Robot with an Average 86.3% ITM

GPS Forex Robot is the best automated trading robot because it works with the best strategies; Trends and hedging. You can choose risk levels, currency pairs to trade and a lot of other setting to configure. It costs only $49.

There is a 60days money back guarantee, see here.

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GPS Forex Robot