Zonda EA Review

Zonda EA is a Forex Expert Advisor that aims to provide traders with a fully automated system for trading the GBPUSD currency pair on a 15-minute chart. It distinguishes itself from other EAs by avoiding common trading strategies like Grid, Martingale, AI, or Neural Networks. Instead, Zonda EA utilizes a Daily Breakout Strategy (DBS) during the early European trading session. In this review, we will explore the features, trading strategy, risk management, as well as the pros and cons of this EA.

Zonda EA MT5

Zonda EA Review

Zonda EA is designed with open optimization parameters and a real-time recovery mechanism. It ensures that each position maintains a fixed stop loss (SL) and full deal tracking (FDT), even during drawdowns. The algorithm leverages QE Patterns, which have been continuously improved and optimized since 2005, making it a robust and well-established trading system.

One notable feature of Zonda EA is its ability to divide transactions into several parts, each with its own profit management. This approach allows for flexibility and risk reduction through real-time market hedging. Additionally, the EA adapts to various broker conditions, such as spreads, delays, slippages, and market gaps, in real-time. It employs Virtual Profit Tracking (VPT) combined with dynamic take profit (TP) to hide its behavior from brokers.

Trading Strategy

The EA’s strategy is based on Daily Breakout Strategy (DBS), which operates during the early European trading session. The use of Forward Optimization Algorithm (FOA) patterns until December 2022 ensures that it incorporates historical data to adapt to current market vulnerabilities effectively.

Zonda EA Interface
Zonda Automated Trading

Zonda EA places a strong emphasis on risk management. It protects transactions from large spreads, strong news events like NONFARM and FOMC, and slippages. The algorithm also considers broker-specific factors, which is crucial for maintaining trading integrity.

Zonda Forex Expert Advisor


  • Well-established trading strategy based on Daily Breakout Strategy (DBS).
  • Real-time recovery mechanism and fixed stop loss for risk management.
  • Flexibility with interchangeable parts of trades to reduce drawdown.
  • Adaptation to broker conditions in real-time.
  • Protection against large spreads, news events, and slippages.
  • Extensive optimization and historical data analysis.


  • Sensitive to spread and slippage, requiring a good RAW/Pro/ECN broker.
  • Potential margin requirement issues with low leverage (1:30 and below) on low-capital accounts.
  • Requires continuous VPS usage for optimal performance.
  • Demands thorough testing with a demo account for the initial 1-2 weeks to assess broker compatibility.


Zonda EA offers a well-rounded Forex Expert Advisor with a strong emphasis on risk management and adaptability to broker conditions. Its long history of optimization and focus on historical data analysis contribute to its appeal. However, traders should be mindful of its sensitivity to spread and slippage and ensure they use suitable brokers and leverage. For more information on the industry leading Forex Expert Advisors, you can visit the best Forex EA page.

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