Zenvo EA Review

Zenvo EA is a fully automated multi-currency Forex expert advisor designed to facilitate trading in the forex market. It stands out from other trading systems by emphasizing safety and adaptability. In this review, we will provide an overview of its features, functionality, and potential advantages and drawbacks.

Zenvo Expert Advisor (EA)

About Zenvo EA?

Zenvo EA is not your typical trading system. It does not rely on grid strategies, Martingale, artificial intelligence (AI), or neural networks. Instead, it employs a unique approach that uses the Forward Optimization Algorithm (FOA) to identify trading patterns.

Zenvo Backtesting Setup

It’s worth noting that the system’s default settings are optimized for the AUDCAD H1 chart, making it accessible to traders with various technical setups.


Zenvo EA offers several notable features that set it apart:

  • Safety First: Each trading position is equipped with a fixed stop-loss (SL) and Full Deal Tracking (FDT) to manage risk, even during drawdowns.
  • Adaptability: The algorithm adapts in real-time to your broker’s conditions, including spreads, delays, slippages, and market gaps, ensuring that the system can perform optimally in diverse trading environments.
  • Randomized Market Entries and Exits: The system provides an optional mechanism for randomizing market entries (RME) and exits. This feature allows traders to avoid blending in with the crowd and adjust their entry and exit points strategically.
  • Virtual Profit Tracking (VPT): Zenvo EA utilizes VPT in combination with dynamic take-profit (TP) levels, making it challenging for brokers to discern the system’s trading behavior.
  • Market Timing: The algorithm primarily trades in the evening after 18:30 broker time, leveraging a Market Volatility Filter to identify optimal entry points.
  • 1OHLC Mode: For traders with less powerful computers, the 1OHLC mode is available for a quicker but slightly less accurate check.
  • Modern Hacking Protection (MHP): Zenvo EA incorporates MHP via msimg32/oleacc/versions.dll to enhance security and safeguard against potential vulnerabilities.

How It Works

Zenvo EA operates by utilizing the FOA to identify trading patterns, ensuring that trading decisions are based on data collected up until December 2022. This means the system is already adapting to market vulnerabilities manifesting from January 2023 onwards. It constantly monitors broker indicators and adapts to varying broker conditions in real-time to optimize its trading performance.


  • Safety Focus: Zenvo EA prioritizes risk management with fixed stop-loss levels, making it suitable for risk-averse traders.
  • Broker Adaptability: Its real-time adaptation to broker conditions helps maintain consistent performance.
  • Randomization Option: Traders can opt for randomized market entries and exits, providing a degree of control and discretion.
  • Virtual Profit Tracking: VPT combined with dynamic TP levels conceals the system’s behavior from brokers, reducing the risk of interference.
  • Market Timing: The algorithm trades during specific, potentially profitable hours.


  • Sensitivity to Spread and Slippage: Zenvo EA may be affected by varying spreads and slippage, so using a reliable RAW/Pro/ECN broker is recommended.
  • Resource Requirements: For optimal performance, 24/7 VPS usage is advisable.
  • Leverage and Capital Considerations: Traders with low capital and leverage of 1:30 or lower may encounter margin requirement issues due to adaptive lot size calculations.

In conclusion

Zenvo EA offers a unique and safety-focused approach to automated forex trading, making it a viable option for traders looking to minimize risk while maintaining adaptability to changing market conditions. However, it may not be suitable for all traders, particularly those with limited capital and low leverage. Careful consideration of the system’s sensitivity to spread and slippage is also essential.

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