Z Trader FX EA Review

This Z Trader FX EA review will describe an expert advisor that has been around since 2018 and is available for a price of $117.

Z Trader FX EA Review

Z Trader FX EA is a Forex expert advisor that uses advanced calculations to open and manage forex trades for you according to a forex strategy. The Z Trader FX EA is easy to install and requires a minimum deposit of $100 at any MetaTrader 4 broker.

The developer claimed that they worked very hard on it for about a year and the results are really impressive.

Z Trader FX EA Review

At this point, we don’t know who the developer of this Forex robot is or where they are located.

Z Trader FX EA Strategy

Z Trader FX EA is a 100% automated robot that works with fixed lot sizes. The robot does not make use of martingale, no scalping, and no averaging.

Z Trader FX EA Strategy

However, the main trading strategy of Z Trader FX EA still remains a mystery. The developer insists on not telling us additional information on how they establish trade formation and also how the EA is able to determine exit.

We can only observe the inputs and outputs, but not no single details on the internal workings. Indeed, Z Trader FX EA is a typical black box robot. This is a huge red flag.

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EA Breakdown

  • Z Trader FX is an EA that is optimized to work with any brokerage
  • The preferred currency pairs and time frame are not stated
  • The forex robot strategy is also not known
  • The robot is available at a price of $117.

There are two license packages available to purchase with a lifetime license and free updates. The first package costs $117 for 2 real and 2 demo accounts.

The second Z Trader FX EA package cost 137USD and it is for 3 live accounts and 3 demo accounts.

Z Trader FX EA License

In order to get the same results as the developer, they are recommending a forex broker called Forex4you. According to them, the broker provides their clients with qualitative and technological services.

Z Trader FX EA Result

Z Trader FX EA provided a link to FXBlue.com but it seems the account is missing.

Z Trader FX EA Result

This left us with no other choice than to look at their backtesting result. This test was done for the EURUSD currency pair on an M15 time frame over a period extending from 2016 to 2018.

Z Trader FX EA backtest

The test shows a total gain of $2016982.59 with a relative drawdown of 27.22%. The average consecutive win is 26 while consecutive loss is 1. It shows a win rate of about 94.91%.

Backtesting results are generally a big joke. It can be manipulated by the people who put up the test. We have seen countless times Forex robot vendors cherry-pick trades in order to make the winning streak appear long and profitable.

We always prefer verified trading results from 3rd party statement-sharing websites like myfxbook.com or FXBlue.

I am still wondering why the Z Trader FX EA account is missing on the FXBlue website. Probably the account was deleted because it is not profitable or for any other reason maybe.

No matter what, result sharing is a serious aspect of Forex robot marketing. We are not going to give this vendor any benefit of the doubt.


The Z Trader FX EA is lacking in crucial aspects. From an anonymous developer to an insufficient strategy explanation.

The robot developer chose to delete their account at FXblue for a reason best known to them.

As of now, this robot remains an unserious project that is not worth going into.


Z Trader FX Expert Advisor


Trading Result











  • Fair pricing
  • No martingale


  • Poor strategy insight
  • No verified result
  • Anonymous
  • Missing results
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