XT Prop Firms EA Review

XT Prop Firms EA is a Forex expert advisor designed specifically for Prop Trading Firms, offering versatility by supporting popular currency pairs. With three risk levels to choose from and compatibility with any broker, it provides a customizable trading experience. Despite its claims, this EA suffers from critical shortcomings that raise doubts about its effectiveness and reliability.

XT Prop Firms EA

One of the pillars of trust when it comes to trading tools is the expertise and track record of the vendor. Unfortunately, XT Prop Firms EA MT5/MT4 disappoints in this regard. The vendor’s lack of experience in the Forex robot marketplace raises concerns about their ability to create a robust and dependable trading solution. Without a proven background, it becomes challenging to place faith in the EA’s efficacy.

XT Prop Firms EA Review

XT Prop Firms EA MT5 disappoints due to an inexperienced vendor, deficient backtesting report, and the absence of live trading results. The vendor’s lack of experience raises doubts about their ability to deliver a reliable trading solution. Without live trading results, users are left in the dark regarding the EA’s performance, making it difficult to trust its effectiveness. It is advisable to consider more established and reputable options in the market.

XT Prop Firms EA Parameters

XT Prop Firms supports major currency pairs, including EURUSD, GBPUSD, and USDJPY, this EA presents a diverse range of trading opportunities. With three risk levels to choose from – Low, Medium, and High – you have the freedom to customize your strategy according to your risk appetite.

Clients can test the XT Prop Firms’ potential in the MetaTrader 5/4 tester. Just select a deposit of $1000, set a custom date range from 01/01/2022 to 28/03/2023, opt for “Every tick” precision, and choose a Risk Percent of 5. Additionally, you can select your preferred leverage, such as the recommended 1:100 for the test. Adjusting the leverage allows you to fine-tune the EA’s performance – lower leverage may yield slightly lower results, while higher leverage can potentially enhance performance.

XT Prop Firms Trading Strategy

XT Prop Firms EA also suffers from a poor strategy explanation, further undermining its credibility. The lack of detailed insight into the EA’s trading approach leaves users questioning its effectiveness and reliability.

XT Prop Firms EA Interface
XT Prop Firms EA Interface

Without a clear understanding of the strategy employed, we are left with uncertainty and hesitation, making it difficult to justify investing in this EA. In an industry where strategy is key, the inadequate explanation provided by XT Prop Firms EA MT5 is a significant drawback.

EA Breakdown

  • Type: Forex Robot
  • Strategy: Risk management
  • Currency Pairs: EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY
  • Time frame: H1
  • Price: $599.

After purchasing the EA, traders are required to send a private message to the developer with a screenshot of their purchase confirmation. Following this, you’ll receive a comprehensive manual and gain entry to a supportive group, where fellow users and the developer’s team will assist you in optimizing your settings.

XT Prop Firms Backtest

Backtesting serves as a vital component in evaluating the performance and reliability of any trading system. However, XT Prop Firms EA fails to provide a comprehensive and convincing backtesting report. The screenshot provided falls short in terms of transparency, leaving users with more questions than answers.

XT Prop Firms EA Backtest

The absence of detailed information on variables, indicators, and other crucial aspects limits the ability to make informed decisions about the EA’s potential.

No Live Trading Result

One of the most glaring drawbacks of XT Prop Firms EA MT5 is the complete absence of live trading results. Claims and promises from the vendor are simply not enough to establish the EA’s effectiveness in real-market conditions.

XT Prop Firms Result

Without verifiable and up-to-date live trading data, users are left in the dark, unable to assess the EA’s performance, drawdown, or profit potential. The lack of transparency is a major concern and should give any trader serious reservations.


In the competitive landscape of trading tools, XT Prop Firms EA fails to inspire confidence. With an inexperienced vendor lacking a proven track record, a deficient backtesting report, and no live trading results to back up claims, this EA falls short of meeting the standards required for serious traders. Choosing the best Forex EA is paramount, and unfortunately, XT Prop Firms EA does not meet the necessary criteria to instill confidence.

XT Prop Firms Expert Advisor

599 USD

Trading Result











  • Free trial
  • User manual and trade group


  • Poor strategy insight
  • No verified result
  • Inexperienced vendor
  • Lack of transparency
  • Absence of live trading result
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