XO Signals Review

XO Signals is a Freemium Forex and CFDs signals provider that claims over 300,000 users. Allegedly, these traders have won over 20,000 pips since inception of the XO Signals service in 2017. The XO Signals vendor works on a variety of asset class including Forex pairs, CFDs, commodities, gold prices, and cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and Ethereum.

XOSignals is available in desktop and mobile app. The vendor purports to be a global trade signal provider that works to develop signals that are among the most accurate in the world. According to them, the people behind this service are mathematicians and big data specialists merged.

It’s not clear who these people are or what kind of trading experience they have. However, interested users can contact them using the email [email protected].

XO Signals Review

XO Signals Review

The XO Signals website looks very neat and somehow easy to navigate. Getting started requires you to meet one of their experts, choose a plan and start trading with up to 10 signals per day.

When you join XO Signals by purchasing any of their premium packages or using their special promotion package, you become a part of the VIP members. The signals vendor currently offers 4 premium subscriptions – 1 month subscription ($29/month), 3 months subscription ($20/month), 6 months subscription ($15/month) and 1 year subscription ($10/month).

XO Signals Premium Packages

You can also get the XO Signals free VIP membership special promotion by funding account with one of their partner broker, alvexo.

All of these membership packages come with the same set of upgraded signals experience in addition to the following:

  • Email Signals + Support
  • Long Term Strategy
  • Dedicated Relationship Manager
  • Trading Objectives Review
  • 1-on-1 with XOSignals Head of Research
  • Mobile Access
  • US Stocks Analysis + Signals
  • CAC, DAX Stock Analysis + Signals
  • Metals Analysis+ Signals
  • Index Analysis + Signals
  • XOAcademy online courses

Therefore, the only difference is in the duration of subscription.

In the meantime, we also recommend trading with these Forex robots and signal services because they’ve proved to be very reliable over time.

Signals Strategy

The signals strategy that XO Signals is trying to sell is software-generated technical analysis. According to them, the service will help you create trading predictions and anticipate long-term patterns.

Apart from these statements, every other part of their website is meant for marketing and does not explain the trading approach and risk management used by this vendor.

XO Signals Strategy

With this kind of sparse trading insight, what is difficult to confirm is whether there’s actually a profitable trading strategy behind these signals. At this point, nothing is known about their trading strategy.

For them to be included in one of the most accurate Forex signals providers, they should prove it by providing an elaborate strategy explanation.

Signals Performance

There is a ”Leaderboard” section that showcases the alleged top traders to follow. This section features the XO Signals top traders’ name, country, total pips won and streak. Some of their top traders claim to have made up to 100,000 pips.

XO Signals Performance

This information can be easily manipulated. The results they claim to have generated are unverified.

XO Signals is using a proprietary performance dashboard instead of a 3rd party performance service like myfxbook.

We would like whoever is behind XO Signals to use verified trading results rather than a dashboard with information that is highly suspicious.

Final Verdict

Though the XO Signals website appears very neat and professional, with zero reputation or track record of trading, we don’t expect them to convince traders just yet.

For them to compete fairly with rival signal providers, they’ll need to post their results on a myfxbook account.

The Forex market is full of scam signal providers. So how will we trust their alleged results when we have not seen independently verified figures?

We won’t recommend XO Signals just yet but if you have time, maybe you can play around with their free version to see whether you’ll achieve the alleged win rate.

Thanks for reading the XO Signals, please tell us your experience in the comment section below.

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