XAUUSD Scalper M1 EA

Introduction: The ‘XAUUSD Scalper M1 EA’ is a trading robot designed for gold trading. Unlike many other EAs, it claims not to employ high-risk strategies like martingale, grid, or hedging. Instead, it relies on mathematical models of linear and dynamic analysis, along with standard trend indicators, channel indicators, and oscillators to make trading decisions. This review will analyze the features, trading strategy, and pros and cons of this EA.

About XAUUSD Scalper M1 EA 

The XAUUSD Scalper M1 EA is an expert advisor (EA) designed to trade the XAUUSD (gold) currency pair. It claims to avoid risky trading methods and focuses on utilizing market analysis, trend indicators, and oscillators to make informed trading decisions. The EA operates on the M1 timeframe, engaging in intraday trading with an average of 2 to 10 trades per day, depending on market conditions.


  • Scalping strategy with intraday trading.
  • Avoids high-risk trading methods like martingale, grid, and hedging.
  • Allows traders to set a fixed lot size.
  • Provides real-time notifications to the trader about new orders and current balance.
  • Implements virtual stop loss for each trade to protect funds.
  • Compatible with 75 different PCs.
  • Claims to have an average drawdown of 10% and a profitable trades to losing trades ratio of 80/20.

Trading Strategy

The XAUUSD Scalper M1 EA primarily employs a scalping strategy, aiming to open multiple short-term trades within a trading day. It analyzes market dynamics using mathematical models, indicators, and oscillators to determine optimal entry points. The EA’s risk management is notable for its virtual stop loss, allowing it to protect the trader’s capital. It is designed to focus on preserving funds first and then increasing the account balance.

XAUUSD Scalper M1 Robot Settings
EA Parameters

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  1. Utilizes a scalping strategy for intraday trading, potentially capitalizing on short-term market movements.
  2. Avoids high-risk trading strategies like martingale, grid, and hedging, reducing the likelihood of significant losses.
  3. Provides real-time notifications to the trader about new orders and current balance, enhancing transparency.
  4. Allows customization of lot size.
  5. Claims to have an average drawdown of 10% and a favorable profitable trades to losing trades ratio (80/20), which can be appealing to risk-averse traders.


  1. The EA may not be suitable for all traders, particularly those looking for long-term investment strategies.
  2. The required minimum initial balance of $1000 or more might be a barrier for some traders.
  3. Although the EA is said to be tested by brokers FXopen, independent verification and live trading results would provide more confidence in its performance.

Review Verdict

XAUUSD Scalper M1 EA by Andrey Kozak is designed for traders interested in scalping gold markets with a focus on risk management. It claims to avoid high-risk trading methods and provides features like real-time notifications, customizable lot size, and virtual stop loss. While it presents some advantages, such as its claimed drawdown and profitability ratio, traders should exercise caution and consider independent verification before using it in their trading strategy.

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