Wiseling Review

Wiseling is a company that claims to provide earning opportunity through financial trading. An ‘about us’ page and the general website content failed to convince us how they do it. Wiseling wants investors to believe that they offer the ‘best products, the best experience and the best professional team’.

With a mere insight, you will know that this Wiseling investment is a simple scam.

Wiseling Review

They claim to be based in the Finland. However, they are not regulated by the Finland financial regulator. How they expect investors to trust them with Bitcoin is the big question. Before you actually sign up for this, you need to read our Wiseling review to know whether or not this is a viable investment operation.

Wiseling Review

Wiseling wants to create something that looks like a unique investment platform across Fiat, Crypto and Industrial portfolio. Their website information appears general and unsubstantial. At first, we thought this was a Financial trading website because their sales page claims that they offer ”international trading activities”. Indeed there is neither a Fiat or crypto trading platform. What users are presented with is a dashboard where deposits and “withdrawals” can be made.

They’ve listed a wide range of services allegedly provided on their website. These include:

  • Simple financial training

  • International access to the company’s platform

  • High quality service and partner support

  • Fast and secure financial transactions

The company does not provide details on investment strategy. As an investor, one has the right to know how their accounts will be traded. They claim to work on Fiat, Crypto and Industrial services as investment products. At this point, we’d love to know who there traders are and what their track record looks like before we can even trust them. Unfortunately, Wiseling does not provide any of this information. This is a big red flag.

Trading Result

A true financial hedge fund does not operate like Wiseling . They provide a solid track record of their investment activities and what they’ve achieved. Wiseling does not provide a track record.  Unless they provide us with their trading records, we can’t believe that this company is indeed a stable investment solution.

Wiseling Scam

You may have seen many platforms that operate investment scams like Wiseling. They all have one thing in common: all of them don’t have a track record of their alleged investing. Yet they claim to return handsome profits.

Wiseling Scam

There’s no evidence that they will provide legitimate investment opportunity. A website like Wiseling will probably run a ponzi scheme in the background where new investors are responsible for funding older members.

This ultimately will come to an end when new investors stop signing up and depositing. Older members will no longer earn anything. 90% of these ponzi scheme are a scam anyway. Once you deposit the minimum requirements, you will never see profit nor your initial deposit.


We can not recommend you Wiseling for one obvious reason – the company is not regulated, which means your funds will not be safe. The actual people who run Wiseling cannot be disclosed because they have a plan to rob you and disappear into the wild wild west.

Avoid the scam and thanks for reading our Wiseling review. Kindly leave your comments behind.

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