Wall Street Academy Review

Wall Street Academy is a One on One Forex mentorship program from Quillan Black located at Miamia, Florida. To get in touch with support, you can fill out an email form on the website, the support email address isn’t publicly provided.

Wall Street Academy Review

Even though this programme activities have been tracked in an interesting result, however, if you look closer you will see that the account only ran for 2 weeks from the end of September 2016 to the beginning of October 2016. It is also worth noting that the results can’t even be accessed. If you try to click on the trading results, nothing will happen. If you go to the my FX book website and search specifically for the technical life trading account, it doesn’t exist.


You should proceed with caution because generally, systems that have small sample size are bound to fail. This one is 2weeks, which makes us doubt its viability in the long run.

Review Verdict : Wall Street Academy is a scam!

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The presentation of this programme is amazing. However, the problem sets in where the developer deliberately chose not to use statement sharing service. This makes us very skeptical about the entire thing, plus the whole lifestyle marketing tactics sounds like a too good to be true thing.  If the developer ironed out these issues, maybe it would have attracted a big clientele.

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