Vortex Profits Review

Before we begin with our Vortex Profits review, we want to make it clear that we don’t recommend this site and have listed it within our Bad and Scam Online Works section and the reason for that you can find within our VortexProfits.com review below. Actually here, within our Vortex Profits review, we have provided the complete truth about Vortex Profits, such as Vortex Profits complaints, VortexProfits.com scam claims, and so on, overall about what is Vortex Profits.

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vortex profits Review

Vortex Profits Review

As per the WHOIS details, we have found out that the owner of VortexProfits.com is Griffin Wrights and the website domain was registered on August 8, 2017. However, there is not any information about the owner on their website which is one of the bad symbols of this company.

Vortex Profits is a company that offers you to earn bitcoin by investing in their website and doing the tasks like sharing the referral link that you will get after joining the company. Their program comes in three levels. Bitcoin plan, Gold plan, and Oil plan. Through these plans, these people are telling us that they can generate monthly returns of 75% trading Bitcoin, 75%-105% trading gold, and 105%-135% trading oil. These are obviously bogus rates because none of the legit companies can afford to pay this. More than that, we can find lots of complaints from the members of this company for not getting paid after they request as per their TOS. Obviously, as we have mentioned to you before, it is not possible to pay that much amount for doing such a simple task.

On the other hand, if you have read the signs and are pretty convinced that this is a scam, that’s pretty good for you. You are in fact making a step in the right direction. Make that decision and choose trading programs that actually work as opposed to fund managers who don’t have any track record yet they are soliciting money from randoms online.

Vortex Profits Scam

Vortex Profits does not look like a trustworthy operation from any angle. Their  business model is based on a pyramid scheme, which is another unsustainable business that will fail sooner or later

Review Verdict: Vortex Profits is a Scam

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Vortex Profits Review Conclusion

As aforementioned, this site is offering to pay its members a bogus rate for investing on their platform which none of the legit sites can offer to pay and in reality also they are not paying. You can find lots of complaints against this site from the members for not getting paid after the withdrawal request. There is even not a single member with real payment proof who gets paid from this site. You can only find the fake payment proofs. Through this site, they are also promoting other scam sites also, so it seems that those scam sites are linked with this site. So, it is clear that Vortex Profits is completely a scam site that is not here to pay its members but here to make money for itself. So we have listed this site within our Bad and Scam Online Works section.


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5 thoughts on “Vortex Profits Review”

  1. My name is Odemary Peter, from East Africa Tanzania.
    I happen to be scammed recently $ 3,200 by this site 24cryptofx.com
    They have scammers in instergram
    Betty Rolands (Binary option Tycoon) and
    They use this number
    Same number is used by another scammer called Richard Smiths (Richie trades)
    I was DM by Betty Rolands to create an account in 24cryptofx.com and I did,
    Then she instructed me to invest minimum $ 300 and I did $ 309, it was really displayed in my account.
    After three days same subject told me to check my E mail
    And I received a mail from [email protected] which required me to upgrade my account
    The minimum upgrade was $ 1600 and I sent the money via bitcoin wallet.
    After 7 trading days my account was reading 17,122 $
    One day before withdrawal
    I received an email from the same [email protected] requiring me to pay for tax fee.
    HM Revenue and Customs
    Self Assessment
    P.O BOX 100
    NewCastle Upontyne
    This agency needs 1605$ for non/citizen tax fee. I sent them through bitcoin wallet
    Then I was expecting for withdrawal of my orofits, the same [email protected] sent me another mail with an attachmentry from The UN office of Terrorism and Financial Crimes. London Command. They need me pay refundable 2,120$ for fund transfer I was then broke, i had no more money, I sent them 850$ and later 350$
    The rest Betty Rolands promised to assist me
    Then lateron she refused and required me to finish up 950$ remained. Here is where my eyes got opened and knew that I was being scammed.
    Till now the same number is calling and whatsapping me to finish up the fee.
    God knows how broke I am because I even loaned from friends expecting to return after I receive my profits.

    I ask for advice, assistance on how to bring these scammers down. Publishing them too will help others a lot

    1. Hello Mister, how true are your claims, because this same organisation paid me my $73,000 after all procedures, I think you should follow all procedures and be persistent and patient , this was how I complained at first but my profits has been released and am happy, I think you should take the bull by the horn because success comes with hardwork. Thanks for your cooperation

  2. Vortex profits News:

    We are always happy to talk about Vortexprofits. Raise the flag high with appreciation for vortexprofits.
    Last night call gave a true zeal of Vortexprofits amidst weather challenges.
    The true picture of weather crisis isn’t what some simply think. Granted some have invested good monies and definitely have cause for worry. But I tell you this… Never worry about wrong company. Worry about environmental crisis. We have a rep in Ireland giving real time reports of weather crisis as I’m still sending this message.

    What’s happening at vortexprofits is like being compelled to swim in the ocean because you swim in pool.
    The weather isn’t favorable yet. Media reports give General news but on the ground, lives are at stake with great inconveniences.

    Meanwhile Vortexprofits scheduled to restore the site for access last week via phone conversation. Our correspondent reports from our rep in Ireland is a seal to our appreciation of what vortexprofits is experiencing.

    Let me use this opportunity to inform everyone here that our monies are not betting on a merry-go-round scheme where what Dan invests is used to pay Rose and Jack. Vortexprofits is real trading company and cannot afford to risk allowing the server to accumulate profits when the human resources and environmental resources are in shaboth. We are happy to know lots because we have evidences and reasons to be patient and allow time.

    Vortexprofits has experiences understanding stock market as originally known to be forex trading entity.

    I have blocked some contacts who chat me privately seeking answers. Why?
    They gave me concrete reasons why vortexprofits is tired of abuse callers. There are some people among us who behave so differently to information. There’s no need to narrow down to places or territories but I think we all humans need to learn to have at least respect and appreciation beyond worries and anxieties. The moment we overstep courtesy we invite controversy. Have we noticed why vortex profits ignored the whatsapp group chat because the abuse is unethical from most members. This is why most innocent and blameless among us are affected in a way to getting every update from vortex profits just to give us insight.
    Some people, no matter how you explain situations and efforts to them, they raise malicious and bitter insults at you. Vortexprofits could tell that some were even registered and invested members. Please let’s learn how to complain even though angry.

    With much attention needed on resolving problems, there’s was a need to announce through Franchis downwards as though we were doing typical network marketing scheme.

    Others do not abuse speeches but they are extremely impatient and ask repetitive question demanding fingure typing feedback each seconds. So even me I have blocked some from here who chat me private. Its the private chat that I’ve blocked though.

    Vortexprofits is currently using Telegram for general official announcement. Telegram allows source information only so people’s will not chat back raising all manner of abuse that has no humanitarian attachment.
    In the course of server test some who coincidentally launched the site could see the site appear. Its just because you entered the domain at the time of restore test. So never be anxious about how some have gotten access but couldn’t log in.

    Again considering the imbalances in weather. Still know that some institutions and organisations are closed but vortexprofits resumed office last week.

    Trading needs attention and personal involvement with office follow ups on computer responses.

    So we don’t have any course for alarm but we all need the same quality, word, attitude and the course being PATIENCE.

    We love to tell you the verbal communication wishes of Vortexprofits admins as we receive both in person and on phone.

    Nevertheless people have taught them the need to be single with words that inform and fail. Thus as you may have noticed, the official information released 14th March being the day of resuming office, it was given that server maintenance in progress in addition to General apology given for any inconveniences this might have caused.

    Vortex avail themselves on almost every social media platform viable for mutual communication and placing relatively few stuffs to communicate with us more than many systems__

    You can add.

    So are we expecting vortexprofits today?
    Answer is we were expecting vortexprofits 4am today.

    But even our correspondent is informing that some parts of Ireland need life still and aftermath of weather didn’t favor some businesses.

    This chat room is not suppose to wonder. This group is privileged with in-depth info about vortexprofits. Any negative comment with vortexprofits perhaps other than what we know should be thought through.

    We the Admins shall communicate to ensure that we don’t release call-updates that give good hope but when real onetime situations delays those assurances, then comments start throwing up. We shall expects similar from all of us here.

    Referring to early given hoped don’t matter to a current situation.
    Therefore understanding Vortexprofits is more important than everything.

    So yes vortexprofits is currently managing business situations.

    Vortexprofits is back but acting prudently due to circumstancial calls.

    We still have our last official notification from vortexprofits so we will work with that.

    With all said and done, vortexprofits.org could be restore now, today or a good time.

    Nevertheless no one should ask past questions anylonger. Pardon is given to February registrants but still you’ve read a lot and from this chat along.

    Read to Understand. Please don’t read to re-ask answered situations.

    Vortexprofits is still a great company in Ireland!. You call people you know in Ireland and people will confirm to you.

    May you all be of good cheer!

    This is an update we received on 19th March 2018.
    on 15th March 2018 we also were updated via Vortex profits official telegram tv that…..”the site is under scheduled maintainance, so thanks for your positive attitude and patience. we will come back soon”

  3. Hi! i am in Botswana and i joined Vortex on the 19th February 2018 but my account showed $30 income or ROI FOR 3 times/days only, then i cannot access the website anymore. i invested $1000 which is a hefty BWP 10 000.
    please assist as i don’t know what to do. The People who recruited me are also talking of taking legal action but i don’t have any more money to do anything as i was expecting to make BWP 252 000 in 88 days. This dream of building my first house is shattered. How cruel can the world be???
    I need answers; have i been scammed or what?

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