Volvox Trader EA Review

Volvox Trader is a new expert advisor that works with an undisclosed trading approach. Volvox Trader promises to take your profit potential to another level but did not provide us with any information regarding their location, trading history or Forex market experience.

The only way you can manage to get in touch with them is via email: [email protected].

Volvox Trader EA Review

They said that the Volvox Trader EA is not among the 90-95% of expert advisors that do not provide any help. The EA minimizes risk, trades on any broker and highly profitable on any market condition. This people make claims but fails to provide us with any authentic proof.

The price for this EA ranges from $179-$499 depending on one of the 3 packages you pick.

The $179 package offers one real account, and one demo acount. The $249 package offers 2 real accounts and to demo accounts. The $499 package offers for real accounts and for demo accounts.

Volvox Trader Result

The EA trades M5 timeframe on EURUSD and GBPUSD forex pair and there is a result on FXBLUE showing about 1000% outcome over 200 days. The drawdown is upto 75%.

The EA  trades 13 times per day, with an average win rate of 54.7%.Questions

Which is the best auto trading robot for forex market?

Automated Forex Trading System Software is a software developed on the basis of various mathematical algorithms. With the help of the mathematical algorithms, the automated forex trading system software generate the forex signals by calculating the various trend line indicators. In simple words, the automated forex trading system software will do the technical analysis using the mathematical algorithms.

Once after generating the forex signals, the automated forex trading system software will place the buy and sell orders to the forex broker platforms without any human intervention. The  automated forex trading system software is also called as the “Forex Robot”. Forex trading has been made easy with the help of “Forex Robots”.

Right now, there are many forex robot available in the internet. But only a few are capable to double the investment in a month in forex trading.

FXMasterBot is the most popular automated system that has been around for a while. I have been very impressed with this system over the years. There are good clear Forex signals throughout the day and all the trade details can be sent to your dashboard. The historical performance is strong and seems consistent over the years. Minimum deposit to open account with on their brokers is $250. Test it out at

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