Vision Scalper Review

Vision Scalper Review

This review explains why the Vision Scalper robot is not yet a proven automated trading service.


Vision Scalper Review

Vision Scalper is a Forex robot that is based on a scalping algorithm. The robot was built with smart news filter, ability to trade multiple currency pairs in one chart, customisable take profit and trailing stop loss, and risk management settings.

The robot might look attractive because it allows for unlimited demo accounts, 7 days free trial and lifetime support. Also you can cancel your subscriptions anytime you want, thus transparent.

Vision Scalper claims to have more than 3000 users making money with the robot right now, which would make it one of the best Forex EA in the world. Vision Scalper also provided screenshots of their alleged users on telegram.

But is Vision Scalper legit, can you make stable and consistent profit with this robot?

Vision Scalper Review

Vision Scalper Strategy

The developer’s website lacks a proper elaboration of what trading strategy their Vision Scalper system is using.

They only said that it is a scalper with smart news filter. It filters news following impact.

For traders like us, it can be difficult to go along with such a general statement.

We need to understand how Vision Scalper is managing risk as opposed to being told that it uses smart news filter algorithm.

We hope this developer will do a better job to express their strategy to potential buyers.

Vision Scalper Strategy

EA Features

  • Vision Scalper is a Forex robot that is based on the scalper algorithm
  • Vision Scalper works using smart news filter.
  • Trades on multiple currency in one chart
  • Costs $99/month subscription

EA Backtest

There is a screenshot of a backtesting result done for the AUDNZD currency pair. This test was done on the H1 timeframe. The result shows a win rate of 67.02% with drawdown of 16.81%.

The truth is that backtesting results is a scam that you have to ignore whenever you are going through a forex robot product. There is no way we can verify the authenticity of the test. Most of the times, robot vendors cherry-pick trades to make everything appear profitable.

By the way, the screenshots of the alleged users of the robot on telegram is also not original. There is no way we can be sure they are from real traders.

Vision Scalper Trading Result

We expect this vendor to demonstrate what they’ve achieved on a live trading account.

While it’s clear that the vendor wants us to use the Vision Scalper robot on our trading account, they don’t provide a way to verify their trading statistics.

Vision Scalper Result

They fail to provide a link to a third party result sharing website like even though they claim that the robot makes stable and consistent profits.

In other words, we are unable to see the Vision Scalper robot working in a live account or even conclude that this robot is profitable.


If Vision Scalper is generating thousands of dollars with its scalper trading algorithm, it should be the greatest news in the Forex trading market place.

The price tag should be pretty obvious. And the developer would never be too shy to disclose their identity, what they’ve done and how they’ve traded a live account.

Ultimately, we want to see live trading performance to establish the profitability of this robot strategy.

So we’re not recommending Vision Scalper just yet.

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Vision Scalper Expert Advisor


Trading Result











  • Custom settings


  • Poor strategy insight
  • No verified result
  • Poor transparency
  • unverified reviews

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