Vibrix Group EA Review

Today in this Vibrix Group EA review, we are analyzing a newly automated forex robot, which is marketed by its developers as a scalping price action expert advisor with a high profits ratio. The purpose of this review is to critically look at the Vibrix Group EA and find out if it is a software to trust or not to trust.

Vibrix Group EA has a one-page website with information about the product and no information about the team that stands for this EA. The vendors of Vibrix Group Forex expert advisor did not provide an address, phone number, or any identifying statement on their website.

To get in touch with support traders can send a message via their contact form or email directly [email protected].

PS: The obvious pointers in this Vibrix Group EA evaluation say it all. No information about the trading strategy approach, no information about the vendor, rigged result and hidden trading activity of the Vibrix Group EA. Meanwhile, the best Forex robots showcase commendable transparency. You can easily find and verify trading result data present in a reputable 3rd party website like and FXBlue.

Vibrix Group EA Review

The creators of this trading tool think it is profitable and they share live myfxbook results on their sales page. In other words, they say that the Vibrix Group robot has a very high-profit ratio and a low and safe drawdown. As usual, the Vibrix Group EA is described in the best light possible.

All the red flags from the evaluation of this software indicate that this is not a good choice to buy and trade with. There are a few reasons why this declaration has been made, and some of the critical ones are listed below:

  • Unclear trading approach
  • Rigged result
  • Hidden trading activity
  • Lack of vendor transparency

Vibrix Group EA is an easy-to-set-up expert advisor, which is only designed to work on the XAUUSD currency pair. This 100% of automated software has a built-in risk management system that analyzes traders’ accounts and takes a lot accordingly. The developers also add that you have the ability to increase the lot size and risk to increase the monthly profit. There is no need for regular EA optimizations.

The vendor also tells us about the basic requirements for those who are going to start trading with their EA, see below.

Vibrix Group EA Recommendations

Vibrix Group EA Strategy

Vibrix Group EA is said to make 95-99% profit orders while using its price action strategy based on neuronet indicator. The developers make sure that this trading approach does not use grid or martingale. We also know that the software has 3 trading modes, low-risk, standard trade, and aggressive.

Vibrix Group EA Strategy

However, we know nothing about the trading approach or methodology of this EA.

EA Breakdown

  • Type: Forex Robot
  • Pair: XAUUSD (100%)
  • Timeframe: H1
  • Price: $799 (Single user version)
  • Terminal: MT4 only.

Vibrix Group EA comes in 2 different packages: Single user version and the Unlimited version. The single user is available to buy for $799 and includes 1 License for 1 real MT4 account, unlimited demo accounts, and settings for three trading modes. The Unlimited package is sold for $1199 and includes unlimited Licenses for MT4 Demo and Real accounts and settings for three trading modes. The developer advertises a 180-day money-back guarantee.

Trading Result Analysis

The developers flaunt a account to back up their claims of a very profitable robot. We are going to analyze this account according to what we saw from the statistics.

Vibrix Group EA Result

The account was created on June 03, 2019. It is a real USD account, which is running on the MT4 platform with Morscapital brokerage and a 1:200 leverage. The account has a total deposit of $17,479,949.20. Trading results show that the absolute gain (+0.39%) is far less than the total gain (+59,166.15%). This kind of discrepancy is totally unacceptable, it means that the developer is depositing money into this account in order to make it look profitable. Anytime the developer pumps money into this account, the system sees it as a gain which is different from the profits made from actually trading the market (absolute gain). What we see is a virtual profit that results from depositing money into the account. Also, the huge withdrawal of $17,547,827.56 heightens our suspicion about result manipulation by the vendor.

At this point, we are interested in seeing the trading history of this system in order to confirm its activity in the Forex market.

Hidden Open Trades Vibrix EA

Hidden Open orders Vibrix EA

Hidden Trade Vibrix Group EA

Unfortunately, both the open trades and completed trade history are totally hidden, which is another huge red flag that we find so difficult to ignore. It is only when a developer lacks transparency, that he keeps these important parameters private. At this point, we stopped going further with the Vibrix Group EA result analysis, because the whole scenario lacks transparency and the statistic is rigged from the word go.

The bottom line is, do not believe the Vibrix Group EA low drawdown as there is no evidence of the system trading the market and the trading activity section is completely hidden. We can’t see where the system is making money from the market.

Vibrix Group EA Review Conclusion

All the above-mentioned points of concern say it all. No information about the trading strategy approach, no information about the vendor, rigged result, and hidden trading activity of the Vibrix Group EA. Taking into consideration that the EA price is on the high side, it would have been better if the developer provided a free trial version to test the software before purchase, but they insist that you buy the EA before testing. Until now, we think that Vibrix Group EA is not a good trading software to be trusted.

Vibrix Group Expert Advisor

799 USD (Single version)

Trading Result











  • Myfxbook result
  • Recommendations
  • Custom settings
  • Risk settings
  • Money back guarantee


  • High drawdown
  • Manipulated result
  • Hidden trading stats
  • High pricing
  • Average win rate
  • No trial version
  • Not transparent
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