True Profit Review

True Profit is a cloned software, a failing trading app that was designed to randomly open and close trades. It will continue to open trades randomly as long as there is a balance in your trading account. It only stops trading when it has wiped your account clean. Because you have lost, this money goes back to the unregulated broker whom you were convinced to sign up with.

If you want to be safe, use reliable trading robot for Bitcoins and other altcoins. Those can be found here and nowhere else. If there is need to expand that list, we will inform you.


True Profit Scam

Now, True Profit fails to describe who they are and what they have done in the past in order to conclude that this is the most adaptive, complete trading solution for online traders.

It appears that this website is one very basic scam whose mission is to steal your money. The design of this website and the overall presentation suggests that whoever is behind this app is a very lazy scammer or at least someone who cannot construct a persuasive project. No trader should be falling for such a cheap scam.

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