TradingOX Review

TradingOX is an automated trading software that is said to be produced by a person called Dan. A review about TradingOX will be quick because it shares a similar story with a scam site called BitQS. Both are using complex web management tools to falsify claims of easy money trading cryptocurrencies. This is critical because earning a slot in our most curated list of recommended services is never easy.

TradingOX Review

In his video sales pitch, the founder claims to have made $35,000 trading FX and bitcoin and claims that he can be the next millionaire.

These claims appear to be far-fetched and so we will strive to get to the bottom of this to ensure nobody is making the mistake of signing up without our direction.

TradingOX Review

The TradingOX software is said to have been produced by Dan and you might be probably serious about his picture and video saw. Actually, the video you saw on the TradingOX sales page is a stolen one and the character has nothing to do with this trading software. Scammers illegally extract videos and pictures from social media gurus claiming to make thousands of dollars doing the FX business.

TradingOX Software Review

The rest of the sections on this website talk about testimonials from successful users, software algorithm, and how it works. All are manipulations to make you sign up with their trading software.

TradingOX Software

In as much as scammers are providing some insights on how their software works, the algorithm is not clearly stated. They tell us that the software algorithm makes use of Laser-accurate and superior technology to yield high profits.

TradingOX Software

They believe that this is why their software is unique. For us, we feel that this is a shallow and more general description of simple programming language.

We needed more information such as how trades are managed, what deposit is best for working with the software, and the ideal settings that they are using to get huge returns.

TradingOX Testimonials

TradingOX shares some user reviews on their website. The testimonial is nothing more than pictures and reviews of people we know nothing about.

TradingOX Testimonials

First of all, we do not approve testimonial reviews if they are presented in this style because web scammers are always copying testimonials from another site or entirely fabricating reviews with stock photos from the internet. At the moment, there is no maximum transparency in these testimonials.

Therefore, the best way to tackle this issue is to start posting your feedback on the comment section of this article as there will be more transparency.


Despite having a rather convincing sales itch, TradingOX is a scam. There is no one with proof of making a profit with this software. And this is the proof we need to flag down this platform as a scam. Please stay away from it, or else risk becoming another victim of a classic scam.

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