Trade Center Pro Review

Trade Center Pro does not have any track record of creating high performance trading robots for Cryptocurrencies. In fact, we have never even heard about them before. They are total strangers in this industry.

The other thing is that their details have not been disclosed on whois, and we are already wondering why they are following the path of scammers.

At this point in time, it is not safe to trust this robot with your hard earned earnings. It would be safe to use these recommended trading apps for Cryptocurrrencies instead since they are tested and proven to be consistent.

TradeCenterPro review

Trade Center Pro Scam

Scammers have to find ways of building credibility, even if those ways are not clever. One of the ways of building credibility would be to use fake positive reviews and customer feedback.

Basically, the site admin knows how to edit these sections of his website. He will go ahead and upload stock photos together with the testimonials from people who have never even used this software before.

What you should know is that stock photos are freely available on the internet. Editing the customer feedback section is also a walk in the park. Just think of anything that a happy customer can say and put it there. Newbies will then read those ”testimonials” and believe that they have stumbled upon Gold.

The other thing worth noting is that these stock photos can really mislead innocent victims. The people you see on this website have no idea what this product is. They are not traders, and they have never used Trade Center Pro in their lives.

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