TopBottomEA Review

TopBottomEA claims to be a groundbreaking Forex expert advisor with several advantages. However, upon closer examination, it becomes evident that this EA falls short in several critical aspects, making it an unreliable choice for traders seeking consistent and safe returns.

Top Bottom EA MT4/MT5

TopBottomEA Review

TopBottomEA is marketed as the first EA designed to support traders with limited capital. It touts a track record of over four years in real trading, based on a volatility adaptive mechanism. The strategy involves trading only one position at a time, each with a stop loss, averaging about four trades per day with a 12-hour holding period. It claims to use Dukascopy real historical data and has undergone a backtest challenge with a $20 capital limit.

topbottomea Backtesting Screenshot

The product’s pricing model is questionable, with a $100 price increase every three days until it reaches an exorbitant target price of $4999. Moreover, it claims to detect counterfeit versions to deter piracy.


  • Supports limited capital: Claims to cater to traders with small capital, which could be misleading.
  • Volatility adaptive mechanism: Lacks transparency in how this mechanism operates.
  • Price increases: The pricing strategy raises concerns about transparency and fairness.
  • Anti-piracy feature: While it’s important to protect intellectual property, this is mentioned in a way that may discourage potential buyers.

Trading Strategy

TopBottomEA’s trading strategy is vague and lacks detailed information on how it adapts to market conditions. The limited information provided does not instill confidence in its ability to deliver consistent profits. Additionally, it does not specify how it handled the trading disruptions during the New Crown virus, leaving users uncertain about its reliability during challenging market conditions.


  • Supports multiple currency pairs.
  • Recommends specific lot sizes for different trader preferences.
  • Claims to work with minimal adjustments on the GBPCAD and EURSGD pairs.


  • Lack of transparency: TopBottomEA lacks transparency regarding its trading strategy and the inner workings of its volatility adaptive mechanism.
  • Pricing model: The aggressive price increases may be seen as exploitative and unfair to potential buyers.
  • Anti-piracy warning: The warning about counterfeit versions may be off-putting and may not be necessary.
  • Limited historical data: While it claims to use Dukascopy real historical data, more details about the data source and quality are needed for credibility.
  • Unclear risk management: The EA provides no clear risk management strategy, leaving users to rely solely on the recommendations.
  • Incomplete parameter description: The parameter description is lacking, making it difficult for users to understand and adjust settings effectively.


TopBottomEA by Lizhi Fu raises significant concerns regarding transparency, pricing, and reliability. Its lack of clarity about its trading strategy and risk management, coupled with an aggressive pricing model, make it a risky and unattractive option for traders. It is advisable to exercise caution and consider more reputable and transparent trading tools for achieving financial success in the Forex market.

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