Top Secret EA Review

Top Secret EA claims to be a cutting-edge Neural Network-powered Forex expert advisor designed to provide transparent explanations for its decisions. However, a closer examination of its developer, features, and trading results reveals several concerning aspects that raise doubts about its effectiveness and reliability.

Top Secret EA

The Top Secret EA is developed by Vitalii Kosov from Russia. He has a catalog of 4 expert advisors and 4 signals accounts on the MQL5 marketplace. However, the average developer rating of 2.8/5 raises concerns about the quality and reliability of his offerings.

With a relatively low average rating, potential users should approach the Top Secret EA with caution. The developer’s past products and signals accounts might not have met the expectations of traders, indicating potential issues with performance or customer satisfaction.

Top Secret EA Review

Despite its promises of advanced machine learning algorithms and neural networks, the developer’s lack of experience is a significant drawback. The absence of a proven track record and the deficient backtesting report make it challenging to trust the system’s capabilities.

Top Secret EA Algorithm

Without a solid foundation of expertise, it’s hard to have confidence in the EA’s purported advantages.

Top Secret EA Strategy

The Top Secret EA claims to utilize mathematical formulas and strategies for making trading decisions, including calculations for market volatility and trend strength. However, the lack of trade samples and low trading activity raise serious concerns about its ability to perform consistently in real market conditions.

TS Mathematical Algorithm
TS Mathematical Algorithm

Without sufficient evidence of its effectiveness, traders are left in the dark about the EA’s actual performance.

EA Breakdown

  • Type: AI Forex Robot
  • Strategy: Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, Neural networks
  • Currency Pairs: XAUUSD (GOLD)
  • Time frame: Any
  • Price: $1500

In all its faults, the Top Secret EA comes with high pricing, which further raises doubts about its value and effectiveness.

Top Secret EA Pricing

Paying a premium for a system with limited trading history and substantial drawdown seems unwarranted and risky for potential investors.

Backtesting Report

The backtesting results provided by Top Secret EA are insufficient to inspire confidence. While historical market data is used for optimization and training, there is no indication of how the EA would have performed under different market conditions or during critical market events.

Top Secret EA bactest

The absence of a well-documented backtesting report makes it difficult for traders to assess the EA’s potential risks and rewards.

Top Secret EA Trading Result

The Top Secret EA has shown some trading activity on a newly created account that started on 24th July 2023. However, it’s important to note that the trading results obtained so far may not be a reliable indicator of the system’s performance. With the account being newly created, the trading results could be influenced by random market movements, and the number of deals executed is too small to make a meaningful evaluation of the EA’s trading quality.

Top Secret EA Result

While the account has shown a total growth of 7% since its inception, this result must be interpreted with caution due to the short time frame and limited trading data. It’s not uncommon for newly created accounts to experience initial gains that may not be sustainable over the long term.

High drawdown warning!

The most concerning aspect of the trading results is the high drawdown of 22.9% within just one week of the account being opened. A drawdown of this magnitude indicates that the EA is experiencing significant losses relative to its account balance. Such a high drawdown can lead to increased risk and the potential for further losses if not managed effectively.

Top Secret EA Review Conclusion

Top Secret EA fails to deliver on its promises of an advanced and reliable trading system. The lack of experience from the developer, deficient backtesting report, and absence of substantial trade samples all contribute to its questionable performance. The current trading results of the Top Secret EA on the newly created account, combined with the high pricing, must be approached with caution.

Traders should exercise caution and consider more reputable and proven trading systems in the market. Without substantial evidence of its effectiveness, investing in Top Secret EA could be a risky endeavor, potentially leading to disappointment and losses.

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