Top Gun Options Review

Top Gun Options is not an authentic robot. It’s a product that is based on assumptions rather than facts.

Secondly, you cannot do business with a coward who lacks the courage to face the world head-on. If they were promoting a genuine robot, they would have gladly come out in the open with details that can be verified.

And thirdly, no track record can be attributed to Top Gun Options. This is a guarantee that you will lose money, no doubt about this.

So the bottom line is that you should keep off this product. If you want to invest in binary options, you should select any of the products contained in this list. At least these products have a track record of success, plus we’ve also tried and tested them before putting our seal of approval.

To establish whether or not these results were real, we engaged the owner of Top Gun Options through an email communication.

The game was simple.. pretend that you are a trading enthusiast looking to learn and profit from Mr. Buckley’s strategies.

Of course we used an alias email address to conceal our real identify. We call it the ‘lamb email” where we act like a newbie with boat-loads of money looking to learn and trade the markets.

Now, Top Gun Options was glad to respond to our inquiry, hoping that they’d wiggle money out of a fat wallet.

The second trick was to establish a separate communication using our official email address.

Of course our introductory email was quite friendly and non-threatening so to speak. In that email, we asked Mr. Buckley to verify the performance claims of the packages he was selling namely Urgent Alerts, Primary Portfolio, and Accelerated Retirement.

It’s important to note that we used a special link tracking device which would allow us to track in real time when Mr. Buckley would open and read our email.

Funny thing… he actually read the message and deliberately refused to reply to it. Not only was his silence deafening, but it was also very rude. This guy had just refused to prove that his strategy was profitable.

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