Tokenizer Review

TokenizerYou are supposed to send Bitcoins to the owner of a Tokenizer whose website domain is privately registered, right? Do you believe the promise that this website makes at least 113% per month? This is far-fetched, and in this review you will know why we don’t believe these claims.

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If they were able to make 113% monthly returns, guess what? They would be having a lot of money by now. There would be no need to conduct any business with you. In fact, the anonymous owner of this website would see no need to hide his name. He would be probably sipping champagne at a seafront apartment and living his own quiet life. So far, they are not living like someone who makes 113% monthly returns.

Tokenizer Review

When you encounter a domain that says Token something like this particular one ”Tokenizer.Biz”, you should know that the site is a scam that promises bitcoin for nothing. In fact, Tokenizer is a myth and a lie. You won’t make bitcoins. You won’t make any stable income. Ultimately, you will lose whatever small amount of Bitcoins you had in your wallet. Also, this Tokenizer website does not reveal its owner at all. The person who might be in charge of the operations of this site is equally anonymous. But the funny thing is that we are supposed to trust them with a minimum of 0.01BTC. This is not possible, at least from a critical view point.

Tokenizer is a ponzi scam. At least this assertion can be verified but not the claim that they invest in ICO. We can also prove that this site is running a ponzi scheme business model as there is a 5% referral program in place. What’s the need to have this program in place if they can double their account forever and without any problem?

Review Verdict : Tokenizer is a Scam – Stay Away

They are giving us company registration number which indicates that Tokenizer is registered in Hong Kong. That means nothing because most of these ponzi scams are registered as corporations in Hong Kong and London and are doing nothing other than to scam internet users. It is not something we can use to build trust towards Tokenizer.

The other thing is that in Hong Kong, trust funds are licensed to operate. No legitimate trust fund will operate without authorization from the Securities and Futures commission.

Now, let’s consider this. Tokenizer is operating without authorization from the SFC. This means that it is illegally conducting business on the internet. It also means that the reason they can’t qualify for a license is simply because they are anonymous and secondly, they are neither trading or mining. That license can only be issued out to people who are genuinely participating in one of the two activities.

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So, with no trading and no mining, this website is left to prove that the only source of income is crowdfunding. This is essentially how ponzi scams operate. Initially, they might pay. However, as reserve begins to dwindle, they will stop paying altogether. This refers to ponzi schemes that are legit, meaning they do pay at some point only to stop paying simply because the structure of a ponzi scheme doesn’t allow it to pay forever.

And then there are outright scams that take your money and freeze your account or refuse to process your withdrawals. It is difficult to know for sure which category Tokenizer belongs to. But you can be sure that it falls under one of these categories, meaning that at some point, many people will lose money.

Also, ponzi schemes are designed to ultimately benefit the owner and not participants. Most of the funds flow towards the pocket of the owner. So Tokenizer is just one of those ponzi scams where money will flow into the pocket of the owner as soon as you inject it into the system. It is as simple as that.

If you want to be scammed, go ahead and send money to Tokenizer. If you don’t want to lose money, keep it or trade it with these robots to multiply it slowly but consistently.

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