The Legend EA Review

The Legend EA is a groundbreaking achievement in the realm of automated trading, aiming to improve precision and performance beyond its predecessor, the “Investment Innovator” Expert. This new Forex expert advisor incorporates the Nuclear Norm Maximization Method (NNM) and Quantum Machine Learning (QML) to deliver more accurate results and reduce the impact of noise and market fluctuations.

The Legend EA MT4/MT5

Legend EA Review

The core concept of The Legend EA revolves around two key elements: NNM and QML. NNM is centered on utilizing the nuclear matrix norm to enhance precision in novelty estimation and improve state evaluation. This innovative approach minimizes the influence of noise and market fluctuations, ultimately contributing to more reliable trading outcomes. On the other hand, QML plays a pivotal role in addressing challenges that classical computers often encounter, such as optimization problems, modeling complex systems, and harnessing artificial intelligence.


‘The Legend EA’ boasts several noteworthy features:

  1. Real-time Data Analysis (QML Advantage): The system performs real-time data analysis using QML, offering instant insights and identifying essential trading patterns directly on the trading chart.
  2. Enhanced Pattern Recognition (QML Advantage): It excels in recognizing market trends and patterns, providing real-time trading signals for successful trade execution.
  3. Intuitive Learning (QML and NNM Advantages): Users benefit from a user-friendly learning experience, simplifying the recognition of vital trading signals and responses through the combined power of QML and NNM.
  4. Market Trend Analysis (QML Advantage): The neural network can analyze market trends, detect patterns, and offer real-time trading recommendations, especially valuable in fast-paced trading environments.
  5. Interactive Recommendations (NNM Advantage): NNM enhances the Expert Advisor’s ability to provide interactive recommendations, optimizing data processing, reducing noise, and identifying critical trading patterns for more efficient trading education.

Trading Strategy

The Legend EA utilizes NNM to fill in missing data and reduce noise, with a focus on hidden patterns for feature selection and improved trading algorithm efficiency. Fast QML computations cater to high-frequency and algorithmic trading, enhancing pattern recognition and strategy optimization. Furthermore, the EA includes a Risk Pattern Analyzer to identify potential threats and enhance investment stability.

Legend EA AutoTrader

The Legend Expert Advisor


  • Real-time data analysis and pattern recognition provide traders with instant insights.
  • The use of QML and NNM makes it suitable for fast-paced trading environments.
  • Intuitive learning helps traders quickly understand and respond to vital trading signals.
  • Interactive recommendations optimize data processing and trading pattern identification.
  • The Risk Pattern Analyzer enhances investment stability.


  • The price of ‘The Legend EA’ is relatively high, at $899 (with a potential increase to $999 in the future), which may deter some potential users.
  • As with all trading strategies, past results do not guarantee future performance, and traders should exercise caution and conduct due diligence.

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The Legend EA by Sergey Simakov is a promising automated trading system that leverages QML and NNM to offer real-time data analysis, superior pattern recognition, intuitive learning, market trend analysis, and interactive guidance to traders. While it has the potential to deliver substantial benefits to traders, individuals should be mindful of the associated cost and the inherent risks of trading in the forex market.

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