The Investment Innovator EA Review

The Investment Innovator EA is an automated trading software that claims to provide up-to-date information by analyzing vast market data in real-time. According to the vendor, the Forex expert advisor identifies patterns and trends to give personalized recommendations matching your unique investment preferences. Investing can be daunting, and finding the right trading robot can be even more challenging. In the case of The Investment Innovator EA, there are several red flags that investors should consider before using this trading robot.

The Investment Innovator EA

The vendor of this system is Sergey Simakov, from Russia. The developer has 4 products and over 17 signals accounts despite having zero experience in the marketplace. Traders need to trust the developer to create reliable and effective trading systems. The lack of experience of the developer of The Investment Innovator EA makes it difficult for us to have confidence in the viability of this Forex EA.

PS: Investors should be cautious when considering The Investment Innovator EA. The red flags indicate that the EA may not be a trustworthy or reliable trading robot. You should consider looking for more reputable and reliable investment options.

The Investment Innovator EA Review

The robot has several red flags that raise questions about the reliability of the system. The system achieved 80% of its growth in only one day, comprising just 1.75% of its entire lifetime, and the developer has no experience in the robot marketplace. Additionally, the account has a small number of deals, making it difficult to evaluate the trading quality, and the trading strategy seems convoluted, raising our suspicion about this Forex robot.

Here are some of the notable features of the EA:

  • The Investment Innovator EA utilizes computer vision directly on the trading chart.
  • The EA can trade in fully automatic or semi-automatic mode, depending on your trading style and preferences.
  • The system provides personalized recommendations based on your unique investment style and preferences, helping you make smarter investment decisions.
  • The robot trades on the XAUUSD pair.
  • Recommends Classic, ECN or Pro accounts with leverages of up to 1:20 or higher.
  • Minimum deposit requirement is $100
  • The EA can work with other EAs.

Investment Innovator EA Strategy

The Investment Innovator EA’s constantly evolving algorithms analyze vast amounts of market data in real-time, identifying patterns and trends to help you stay ahead of the curve. The system undergoes a crucial reinitialization process to ensure accurate data is collected and errors are excluded, resulting in long-term benefits.

The Investment Innovator EA Strategy

Apart from this, most part of the strategy seems convoluted and difficult to understand, making it challenging for users to evaluate the quality of the trading process.

EA Breakdown

  • Type: Forex Robot
  • Strategy: Neural Network
  • Recommended Pair: XAUUSD
  • Timeframe: M30
  • Minimum pricing: $1499

The pricing options for this product are quite steep. The limited price of $1499 may be difficult for some investors to justify, especially considering there are rental options available. However, the monthly rental option of $799 and the 3-monthly rent option of $899 may still be too high for some users who prefer a lower rental expense.

Trading Result

There is a signals account monitoring the algo trading activities of this expert advisor. The account was started 9 weeks ago and since then has made a total gain of 41%, with a drawdown of 24%. However, there are issues that question the transparency and reliability of this trading result at the moment.

The Investment Innovator EA Result

According to the data, 80% of the growth achieved by The Investment Innovator EA was achieved within one day, comprising only 1.75% of the signal’s entire lifetime. This rapid growth rate is suspicious and may indicate that the EA is not making consistent trades. Also, the number of deals on the account is too small to evaluate trading quality,  and the account used by The Investment Innovator EA is newly opened, which means that the trading results may be of random nature.

The Investment Innovator EA red flags

These factors make it difficult for us to trust the EA and use it to make trade decisions.

The Investment Innovator EA Review Conclusion

The Investment Innovator EA is not a trustworthy or reliable trading robot. With high pricing and rents, a convoluted strategy, and insufficient trading history, traders cannot be confident in the EA’s ability to make successful trades. Furthermore, the suspicious growth rate and lack of experience of the developer are significant red flags that investors cannot afford to ignore. It is best to avoid The Investment Innovator EA and look for more reputable and reliable investment options.

The Investment Innovator Expert Advisor

$1449 (Limited)

Trading Result











  • Performance result
  • Free demo
  • Signals account
  • Low drawdown


  • Poor strategy insight
  • High pricing
  • Suspicious account growth
  • New account
  • Few trades
  • Inexperienced developer
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