The Fund Trader Review

This review uncovers The Fund Trader EA which boasts over 29000% profits in 5 years.

The Fund Trader Review

The Fund Trader by Leapfx is an automated copy trading software that lets you copy the trades of its founders. The vendor is insisting that traders can copy his trades in their accounts and enjoy his future high-yield returns.

Among the features and benefits that The Fund Trader is promising include being fully automated, trading 18 pairs + gold, no grid and no martingale, access to verified results, being beginner friendly, and working with a small deposit on the MT4 platform.

It would actually be a good idea if Leapfx should also provide MT5 versions for this robot as they did for Trade Explorer.

The Fund Trader Review

What we find rather strange is the fact that The Fund Trader has not disclosed company information, the team behind their trading strategy, or even their location.

There’s a cloud of mystery surrounding this service in terms of its trading background. The only hint they provide is that the founder is Gordon Francis, and he owns a private mini hedge fund that started in 2006.

This does not necessarily mean anything. In fact, many Forex trading vendors have made these claims, only for us to find out that they barely have sufficient years of experience in the game, and so cannot be included in this page of highly professional trading tools.

The Fund Trader EA

The Fund Trader Strategy

The Fund Trader promises automated trading which is stress-free and profitable. We know that every successful trader must have a solid trading strategy that generates results.

29000% gain in trading is not child’s play. So, we need to know what trading methodology is behind their automated trading.

As per the trading strategy, The Fund Trader uses a 2-step approach to the market. An initial manual approach that involves fundamental and technical analysis of the market to determine trade direction and entry. This is immediately followed by the use of proprietary semi-automated/multi-phase software to monitor and apply a predefined exit for each trade.

The Fund Trader Strategy

Unfortunately, The Fund Trader does not disclose their trading strategy or methodology in detail. In addition to this, no information has been provided concerning their risk management style.

When this information is lacking, serious traders can only question the authenticity of this trading operation.

The Fund Trader expects traders to buy licenses when they have not provided the much-needed details concerning their activities. How are we supposed to trust these people?

Also, keep in mind that they are still anonymous at this level yet they’re continuously pushing for traders to purchase a license.

We feel that this is manipulative and the vendor needs to provide this information as soon as possible.

EA Breakdown

  • The Fund Trader is an EA service that lets you copy the trade of a master account.
  • The robot works on a selection of 18 currency pairs including majors and minors.
  • The strategy involves manual and automated analysis to discover entry and exit points.
  • The robot is available in the MT4 version at a license fee of $297/3month.

The Fund Trader comes with two package types to purchase a license, a 3-month package that costs $297 and a yearly package that costs $597.

Both packages come with The Fund Trader auto software, free updates, customer support, best recommendations, 30-day money-back guarantee.

The Fund Trader License

The Fund Trader Results

Verified results are one of the features they mention in connection with their robot. This is why The Fund Trader provides you with multiple account screenshots.

The Fund Trader Result screenshotsBut the screenshots are a joke, literally, because there is no way we can say that the results belong to The Fund Trader. The robot developer can put together accounts from other sources and claim astronomical profits.

Nevertheless, the vendor provided links to their real trading account at This account is hosted on the Blazemarkets MetaTrader 4 platform.

The Fund Trader Results

The result shows a total gain of +184.46% with an absolute gain of +94.78%. This means that most of the profits are not made from the market, rather, the vendor is depositing money into the account to make it look more profitable.

Also, a monthly gain of 22.15% with a pretty high drawdown of 40.28 is a giveaway that the robot is using a risky trading approach, even though the vendor insists on not telling us.

Regardless, we feel that their supposed 29000% returns cannot be verified and there’s no telling whether our deposits will yield any results.

It’s hard to know the truth regarding the vendor who claims this service is professional and profitable.


The Fund Trader is not a 100% transparent robot service. This is a concern on the internet nowadays as many Forex trading vendors simply don’t bother to prove their prowess and yet they proclaim massive returns to unsuspecting investors.

Whatever the case, we feel that this robot is far from being the ideal expert advisor worth investing in.

We don’t know about you, so we’d like to hear your opinion regarding The Fund Trader.

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The Fund Trader Expert Avisor

$297/3 months

Trading Result











  • myfxbook result
  • Multiple currency pairs


  • Poor strategy insight
  • High drawdown
  • High pricing
  • Lack of vendor transparency
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