The Bitcoin Challenge Review

Scammers will first tell you that you can test their products for free and if you like it, you can make a deposit and start using it. The truth is that The Bitcoin Challenge website just wants you to make a deposit. That’s all, they are not interested in any other business with you. Please use this link to sign up with a legit Cryptocurrency investment platform.

When you scroll downwards on the website of the Bitcoin Challenge, you will come to their supposed social media profile where alleged users are giving their testimonials and feedback concerning this software.

the bitcoinchallenge fake facebook

The first thing to know is that these social media profiles are fake as well. Those users don’t exist. If they did, we could just click their names and the system would lead us to their various social media pages on Facebook and Twitter.

The fact that those social media users can’t be traced is a sign that the Bitcoin Challenge is a scam.

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