Tesla Scalper Pro EA Review

The Tesla Scalper Pro developed by Soraya Bahlekeh, is an automated trading robot that aims to provide a secure and efficient trading experience for both novice and experienced investors. It utilizes a breakout trading strategy to engage with various assets including currency pairs, gold, and indices. The system places a strong emphasis on risk management by avoiding risky strategies like grid or martingale, and each trade is backed by a well-defined stop loss. The intention behind this EA is to address investors’ concerns and needs, ultimately aiming to save time, execute logical trades, and instill confidence in investors through its secure transactions.

Tesla Scalper Pro EA

Tesla Scalper Pro EA Review

One of the standout features of the Tesla Scalper Pro is its dedication to risk management and trade protection. All trades are equipped with a stop loss, ensuring that potential losses are limited. The robot maintains a disciplined approach by allowing a maximum of three trades per day for each symbol, preventing overtrading. Unlike many other EAs, it refrains from using risky techniques like Martingale, layering, grids, or additional average positions, further enhancing its risk management capabilities. The presence of an intelligent position control system adds an extra layer of protection, helping safeguard the user’s trading account.

Tesla Scalper Pro Backtest Setup

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Tesla Scalper Pro Strategy

The Tesla Scalper Pro employs a breakout trading strategy, which involves capitalizing on price movements that occur after a period of consolidation. Breakout strategies are well-regarded for their ability to capture rapid price changes. In this case, the EA focuses on currency pairs, gold, and indices, suggesting a diverse range of assets for potential profitability. By concentrating on breakouts and utilizing stop losses, the EA attempts to strike a balance between capitalizing on market movements and minimizing risk.

EA Breakdown

To achieve optimal results with the Tesla Scalper Pro, the following setup is recommended:

  • Timeframe: M1 (1-minute chart)
  • Deposit: A minimum of $100 is advised
  • Type of Account: ECN with leverage of 1:200 or higher
  • Additional Requirements: Using a reputable ECN broker, operating the EA on a VPS with decent speed, and setting the lot size appropriately for risk management.

Trading Benefits

The benefits of the Tesla Scalper Pro are clear and align with the needs of various traders:

  1. Risk Management: The emphasis on stop losses and the avoidance of risky strategies contributes to a controlled trading environment, reducing the potential for significant losses.
  2. Personalization: The EA offers customization options for traders to tailor its settings to their preferences. This enables effective capital management and accommodates different risk tolerance levels.
  3. Suitable for Various Accounts: The Tesla Scalper Pro is not limited to a specific type of account. It is designed to work well with FTMO accounts, prop firm accounts, and other challenges, making it versatile for different trading scenarios.
  4. Regular Updates: The commitment to continuous improvement is a positive aspect, as it indicates that the developers are proactive in adapting the EA to changing market conditions and trader needs.
  5. Secure Trading: By utilizing a breakout strategy and implementing stop losses, the EA aims to provide a secure trading experience, appealing to traders seeking


The Tesla Scalper Pro by Soraya Bahlekeh presents itself as a well-thought-out automated trading robot that prioritizes risk management, personalization, and security. By employing a breakout strategy and focusing on protecting trades, it caters to traders who seek a balanced approach to trading in the volatile world of finance.

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