Solo Capitals Review

Solo Capitals is an unlicensed Forex and Cfd broker that is actually a fraud based in Estonia.

Solo Capitals ( is supposedly a professional porfolio recovery company which mainly focuses on Forex, indices, Commodity and Share.  They even offer savings account which might seem like a nice gesture on their part but it is a trap.

Companies which provide these type of investment opportunities have to comply with the laws laid down by regulatory authorities which are very strict. When we were trying to determine the legitimacy of this enterprise, We could not find any legal documents.  We have confirmed through FCA, this firm is not overseen by them which means criminal prosecution awaits for the people running this firm.

Even on their platform they have not put up any details regarding their licenses which shows the kind of ethical values they up hold.  The support team of this firm can be contacted through a contact form, email or via telephone.

Office address: Harju maakond, Tallinn, Kesklinna linnaosa, Roosikrantsi tn 2-567K, 1011

Telephone number: +44-20-8089-1061

Support: [email protected][email protected]

Compliance: [email protected]

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Solo Capitals Review




Trading Platform


Assets and Leverage







  • Acceptable Minimum Deposit
  • Good asset coverage


  • Unlicensed (Fraud!)
  • No demo
  • MT4 not supported
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2 thoughts on “Solo Capitals Review”

  1. My first contact with SoloCapitals was with Alley Floyd, who told me that I can earn a lot of money by deposit 250€.
    I accepted that and she connected me to a broker named Michael Stevens. he invested my money and show me that he had maid a profit with them. If I wanted big money I had to invest more he said.I invested more money and after some time my account increased to 60 000€.Then I wanted to withdraw, but it was a problem ,because of the big profit I maid I had to deposit another 12 000€ to “balance” the account.After some hesitation I did that.Now another issue came up when I wanted to withdraw.My bank SEB blocked the money he told me. I didn’t believe him and asked my bank about it. Naturally they would not block a deposit to a customer. I asked Michael Stevens to send me a copy of paymentorder. He did that, and I saw immediately that it was false, because the BIC code doesn’t exist.I told him that, and he went nuts and connected me to his manager Norman Little ( a reel pig ) who threatened me, said that I ‘d better watch up, and that I never going to get any money. After that Michael Stevens has called me a lot of times because he want to send my money, but I have to change to another bank.I’m not going to do that. Instead of that I have reported Solocapitals to FCA, Action fraud and my lokal police
    The persons I’ve been in contact with is:Alley Floyd, who acted fraudulent by sending me fake documents about the company.Michael Stevens, a so called well educated fraudulent broker. Norman Little, a disgusting little person. and Sheryl Brown, a confused little helper. I hope they will be put behind bars

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