SirFX Indicators Review

SirFX Indicator is a vendor of automated trading indicators that established in 2014. One thing that makes these indicators priceable is how they are organised in a super bundle plan – Future Volume 5, Rookie Trader and Pro Trader.

The Future Volume 5 is a single indicator for MT5 and pre-priced at $179.

The Rookie Trader bundle package features 3 indicators – Trendix($79), Exit Indicator($79), My Holy Grail($149) but is priced at $238 plus i yer support.

The Pro Trader super bundle comprises of indicators of the Rookie trader plus Peak and Valley indicator($149), 2 years and comes at a bundle price of $337. All the super bundles comes with a life time software update.

SirFX comprises of group of mathematicians and software developers that love Forex trading and also claims to be founded in 2014 after many years of testing and retesting of tools. The developers of SirFX indicators wants us to believe that they are offering the world best MetaTrader 4 & 5 indicators.

For that reason, we’ve prepared a review of their services after conducting a proper analysis on their product.

SirFX Indicator Review

SirFX Indicator Review

SirFX is selling Forex trading indicators for Metatrader 4 and 5. However, they constantly upgrade their products and support their customers. SirFX was founded in 2014 to share to the world their so called best Metatrader indicators.

Now, before we complete this SirFX Trading indicator review, we’ll have to see whether this company has proof of the same. These unsubstantiated claims can sometimes be quite unsettling.

When you search their about us and contact us page, you will see that this group failed to mention the names of the people behind their strategies. We could not ascertain their activities and experience in this marketplace. It’s going to be very difficult to believe that these people has sufficient trading experience.

The review of SirFX Indicator will not be complete if we don’t talk about the things that matter such as trading strategy, trading results and any other detail pertaining to SirFX way of doing business.

Trading Strategy

The company’s website claims that they have the “best MetaTrader 4 & 5 indicators.” As a trader who is interested in this kind of product, I would really want to find out what kind of strategy is offered by this trading indicators.

SirFX Strategies

During our reviews of SirFX indicator, we saw that they provided little information pertaining the methodology used by the indicators. We would have appreciated additional details of the trading indicators to ascertain whether or not they are truly the best in class. SirFX has not provided this kind of disclosure anywhere on their website.

Trading Result

It is true that this company offers some sort of trading performance but can we verify the trading results?

SirFX Results

They should have published their performance result on a third party website for clients to track and compare their performance test. SirFX failed to verify their performance on a third party statement sharing site like myfxbook.


We just don’t get it because honestly, SirFX is recycling the same old idea of showing performance result. There is no concrete evidence that the SirFX indicators will be profitable when put to test.

We will not recommend this Forex indicator program because it fails to tick critical items in the checkbox.

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