Silent Master EA Review

silentmaster backtest result

Silent Master EA is said to be a fully automated trading system for night trading during low market volatility. The presentation is lacking in details and the vendor does not give us a clear idea about how the system works.

silent-master Review

Silent Master EA Review

Silent Master EA is presented as a “Set and forget” system that requires no user participation.

The robot is programmed with elements of machine learning that takes into account current market situation.

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Silent Master EA Review

The robot strategy is not based on martingale, grid or arbitrage. Positions are always protected by StopLoss and drawdown parameters.

The owner recommends any broker with small spreads and fast order execution. Also minimum deposit recommended is $100.

Silent Master EA Software

Silent Master software was first published 21 July 2021 on MQl5 and it is operating on version 1.7. The software works on both the MT5 and MT4 trading terminals. Over 182 demo copies have been downloaded for testing.

Silent Master EA Software

Silent Master is available at a price of $149. This is the average cost of Forex robots in the marketplace. currently there is no rental option and the vendor does not offer money back guarantee for this EA.

EA Breakdown

Type: Forex robot

Recommended timeframe: M5

Recommended Pair: EURUSD

Strategy: Night trading

Price: $149

The developer behind this software is known as Evgeniy Machok based in Russia with over 8 years experience. So far, we don’t have much information about this person. Apart from the Silent Master software, they have other EAs and signals services in their porfolio.

Silent Master Software developer

Trading Result

The vendor provided screenshot of a backtest done with an initial deposit of $100 on the EURUSD pair.

silentmaster backtest result

During this test, the EA completed a total of 865 trades. It won 815 (94.22%) of them, generating a total net profit of $63499.11. The EA shows a very high profit factor of 6.32. Drawdown is quite high at 24.79%.

silent master result1

A verified trading result on shows a different picture altogether. The live account shows a total gain of just +15.91% with absolute gain of +28.59%. Monthly gain is just 0.85% with a higher drawdown of 39.86%.

silent master EA result2

Also, the average win rate and profit factor show different figures from the backtest. Myfxbook result shows a win rate of 80% with a profit factor of just 1.08.


I do not see myself recommending a software like Silent Master EA. The vendor fails to provide adequate details pertaining how the robot works.

Backtesting result is totally different from what you see on a live trading result. This shows that the vendor might just be manipulating results to make the robot appear extremely successful on backtest.

Finally, there is not enough information on the developer of the robot and the people they work with.

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Silent Master Expert Advisor


Trading Result











  • myfxbook result
  • Settings parameter
  • Vendor experience
  • Fair pricing


  • Poor strategy insight
  • High drawdown
  • Poor presentation

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