Shamayal Broker Review

In this review, we have a not so popular website called Shamayal is an automated fund management robot that buys and sells different markets for profits. The profits that traders can allegedly earn per month are up to 12%.The software is being offered for free and according to the fake testimonials, it is very profitable to those who have tested it. We actually don’t understand how a fake robot can beat genuine automated trading bots like these ones.

The company headquarters is located at Millington Rd, Hayes, Middlesex UB3 4AZ, United Kingdom, traders can get in touch with support via +44 20 3289 3467, +61 87 2000 467 or email [email protected].

Shamayal Review

In order to get access to the fund management program, traders are required to open a live account with Finprotrading, select “” as their fund manager, map their account, view live trading performance and expect 7-12% returns every month.

Shamayal License

Shamayal says that they will be your robotic fund management service and that one is not required to have prior knowledge of trading.

In other words, Shamayal is saying that they are giving investment advice. But do they have a license for this activity? Apparently, the answer is No. These guys are giving illegal investment advice. It means that they are not recognized since they have not officially applied and gotten a regulator’s license.

For that reason alone, you have to stay away from Shamayal at all cost. There is no reason why a ”professional investment advisor” can legally operate in any first world and even developing countries without a regulator’s license.

Fast profits

Shamayal website claims that users only need to connect their trading account to in order to make 7-12% ROI monthly. That is not a realistic claim, and that is why they cannot substantiate it with evidence of their past investment activities.

Is 12% per month a realistic ROI? We doubt this claim. But some people can achieve it. However, no person has ever maintained such a monthly ROI. It keeps fluctuating. It can’t be guaranteed as we have said that with any form of investment, nothing can be guaranteed.

Our best advise for you

It is easy to say that Shamayal buys and sells for profit. However, what we have not seen is evidence of its activities. We have not been able to confirm whether or not the alleged owners are the real people behind Shamayal. Good news, you can avoid getting scammed by using these automated trading robots.


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