Satoshi Robot Review

You can obtain a copy of Satoshi Robot for free but you cannot activate it when you have not funded the broker with a minimum investment. Therefore, this Crypto trading robot isn’t free at all. It costs money. For trusted Cryptocurrency robots, trade with these profitable robots.

satoshi robot

Satoshi Crypto Robot Scam

From what we can see here, this is a trading indicator which marks special zones in a chart so traders can enter or exist accordingly.

Now, the trading activities of this robot seems to suggest that Satoshi Robot is winning all trades. We have not seen any instance of a false buy or sell signal.

This is probably the right setup for scammers who want to fool beginners. However, any logical person will question these trading signals as they are just too good to be true. Moreover, it appears like this chart and its activities have been programmed in such a way that same signals will be repeated after a few minutes. You should probably know by now that this is just a widget and not a real trading system.

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