Samba Binary Options Review

After seeing that Samba Binary Options is hyped for nothing yet it hasn’t achieved anything, it is only safe to say that this is yet another scam.

samba binary options owners profile fake
Fake Profile

The strategy which this robot intends to use has never been heard before. The website claims that the so-called president of Samba Binary Options has access to insider intel which he always uses to know in advance where the markets will move next.

The idea of insider information is completely a hoax. The markets behave the way they do simply because of the forces of demand and supply, not because some few greedy people are controlling it.

It’s obviously false to say that one has access to insider information, hence he can use it to make money.

Secondly, the income potential of this robot is not realistic. It’s impossible for any robot to create such huge profits in a short time.

You supposed to know that Samba Binary Options is based on deception. No matter what trading system is used, you can never get 160% monthly return on investment.

Also, there’s nothing like trading with 100% risk free strategies. We’ve said several times before that trading involves some degree of risk. The best systems in the market do have risks, although these risks are contained within reasonable parameters.

For these reasons, we are asking you to avoid this robot. Invest in these robots instead.

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