SAFE Robot Pro EA Review

Safe Robot Pro EA is a new contender that claims to be a fully automatic trading robot with professional-level capabilities. My experience with the Safe Robot Pro was disappointing, and I cannot recommend it to other traders.

SAFE Robot Pro EA

While the developer’s decade-long experience in the Forex robot marketplace may imply a certain level of expertise, it is worth noting that their catalog consists of only one product, the Safe Robot Pro. The absence of other products in the catalog may indicate a lack of innovation or the developer’s focus on a single strategy, potentially limiting the versatility of their offerings.

In the highly competitive Forex robot marketplace, traders often seek developers with a diverse range of proven products to cater to various trading styles and market conditions. Thus, the limited product catalog of the developer may be seen as a potential drawback and warrant further investigation into the performance and reliability of the Safe Robot Pro.

SAFE Robot Pro Review

SAFE Robot Pro EA employs a strategy that adapts to real-time market conditions, avoiding the need for historical data analysis. With an array of trading strategies, news calendar integration, and dynamic risk management, SAFE Robot Pro Forex expert advisor seems to provide traders with a powerful and user-friendly tool to navigate the financial markets successfully.

SAFE Robot Pro EA Setup

The SAFE Robot Pro disappoints with a deficient backtesting report, leaving doubts about its reliability. The use of a very new trading account and limited trade samples raises concerns about its ability to perform in real-world market conditions.

SAFE Robot Pro EA Strategy

SAFE Robot Pro boasts a versatile arsenal of trading strategies, including trend following, range trading, and support/resistance breakout strategies. Allegedly, this combination of technology adapts to changing market conditions by automatically changing its trading direction to either ride the trend or counter it – a true master of reverse trading.

SAFE Robot Pro Chart

The robot offers two trading modes, ensuring flexibility to match your preferences: a conservative mode without lot increase and a carefully managed lot increase mode (non-Martingale), with the latter keeping a watchful eye on the “Margin Level” to prevent excessive risk-taking.

SAFE Robot Pro Backtest

The major red flag was the deficient backtesting strategy report, which lacked transparency and left me questioning the robot’s performance and reliability.

EA Breakdown

  • Type: Forex Robot
  • Strategy: Trend, counter trend, range trading, and support/resistance breakout strategies.
  • Recommended currency pairs: EURUSD
  • Time frame: M30
  • Price: $2400.

The pricing for the Safe Robot Pro is undeniably exorbitant, raising serious concerns about its value for money. The one-time payment of $2,400 is already steep, and the monthly and 6-month options at $320 and $680 respectively are not much more affordable. Even more concerning is the staggering cost to copy signals, amounting to $5,000 for a month or $166.67 for a single day, making it inaccessible to many traders.

SAFE Robot Pro Pricing

Given the deficiencies and drawbacks observed in the robot’s performance, as mentioned in my previous review, such high pricing is simply unjustified.

SAFE Robot Pro EA Signals

The prohibitive pricing of Safe Robot Pro significantly outweighs its potential advantages, making it a difficult recommendation for those seeking a cost-effective and reliable trading solution.

Trading Result

Based on the available data on MQL5, it is evident that the trading results of Safe Robot Pro are far from impressive. The existence of two live signal accounts, both being newly opened, raises concerns about the reliability of the robot’s performance.

SAFE Robot Pro EA Result 1

The first account, which commenced trading on 30th June 2023, only traded for 10 days before accumulating a significant drawdown of 29.6%. Moreover, the lack of trading activity on the signal’s account for the past 9 days indicates a pause in trading, possibly due to unfavorable market conditions or losses incurred.

SAFE Robot Pro EA Result 2

Similarly, the second account, initiated on 11th July 2023, traded for a mere 2 days and already suffered a drawdown of 21.3%. Also, no trading activity has been detected on this signal’s account for the last 8 days raising doubts about the robot’s ability to consistently find profitable trading opportunities.

SAFE Robot Pro Trading Statistics

Furthermore, the robot completed only five trades during its brief trading history, and the average holding time of 4 hours indicates short-term trading.

Unreliable Trading Signals

The trading results of Safe Robot Pro, as seen in the two live signal accounts, do not instill confidence in its capabilities. The substantial drawdowns and lack of consistent trading activity raise red flags, suggesting that the robot’s performance may be of random nature or potentially unprofitable in the long run.


The review of Safe Robot Pro highlights several concerning aspects. While the robot claims to be a fully automatic trading solution with unique strategies, the deficient backtesting report raises doubts about its performance and reliability. Additionally, the robot’s limited trading activity, high drawdown, and short trading history in the live signal accounts further undermine its credibility as a consistent and profitable trading tool.

Moreover, the steep pricing and the developer’s lack of a diverse product catalog raise concerns about the robot’s value for money and the developer’s ability to deliver a range of successful trading solutions.

SAFE Robot Pro Expert Advisor

2400 USD

Trading Result











  • Performance result
  • Strategy insight


  • Deficient backtest result
  • Relatively high drawdown
  • New trading accounts
  • Low trading activity
  • unreliable trade samples
  • Unreliable signals
  • High pricing
  • Poor value for money
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