Rubix Project Review

Does Rubix Project look like a legitimate robot where you can invest your money in?

With all the proof that Mr. Brian Morgan is a dishonest person, we don’t think that any sane trader would be willing to give his product a try.

The bottom line is that you should use these products instead because Rubix Project will soon die and disappear after they have tricked enough individuals and ripped them off.

Rubix Project Group is run by one Mr. Brian Morgan who is a pseudo by the way since no real human being fits his description.rubix

First of all, he was hired to represent a none-existent CEO for purposes of marketing this product.

And the second thing is that Rubix Project Group is an entity that does not exist.

But this does not deter him from lying. Our CEO continues to explain that Rubix Project Group has employees with 10 years of experience in Forex and brokerage business. These employees, apparently, have worked in Wall Street.

But we want to bring to your attention that this is a ghost company with ghost employees.

He does not exist, and so is the company in question. This is because there is zero information pertaining to the details of this company or the people who are purported to be behind it.

The only claim to fame or ”proof” is the flashy bank statements which are presented to us in form of screen shots.

Obviously, when someone is shoddy, you expect them to change plenty of information in the so-called proof in order to suit the agenda of the presentation.

And the saddest thing is that these guys are so used to recycling screenshots that they never see anything wrong with this.

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