Roiteks Review

Roiteks Review.Are you searching for the Roiteks reviews in order to find out what is Roiteks, either scam or legit, either Roiteks payout proofs are fake or real and so on? If so, then you are absolutely in the right place because here, within our Roiteks review we are going to provide complete truth about Roiteks so that you can find out what is Roiteks in real. In short, we want to make you clear that we have blacklisted Roiteks because all its claims are fake and it doesn’t have authorization from a regulatory agency.

Another thing is that the FCA has announced that Roiteks is not allowed to provide brokerage services in the UK. In other words, the FCA is saying that this broker does not have a license and is therefore an illegal investment platform.

In case you don’t believe us, continue with this review till the end. You have already heard that this broker is on the blacklist of the FCA. You do not need any more proof to confirm that this website is run by a scammer.

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Roiteks Review

Roiteks is a scam Forex and cryptocurrency trading platform. Masquerading as a legit trading platform that provides Forex and CFD services in over 150 variables, Roiteks believes that they will be able to give investors a straightforward transactions, superb customer support, and a fast deposit and withdrawal system.

One of the lies we find quite distasteful is that Roiteks is a team of professional market analyst who are also experienced in trading Forex and Cryptocurrencies and other specialization as well. The trading mentors are supposed to be highly efficient in identifying opportunities for buying and selling Cryptocurrencies for profits. Yet again, we can’t seem to find the identities of these traders. The so-called team of experienced professional traders is 100% anonymous. Can we trust an anonymous team with our deposit? Definitely not. It odds would work against you because clearly whoever is behind this fraud has no good intentions.

On their website, their main message is that Roiteks will show you how to achieve a high financial goals. They are also trying to suggest that if you invest with them now, you will secure your future. However, it is not clear how this brokerage intends to achieve that goal because not everyone can trade and a living out of it. Therefore, the aspect of securing one’s financial future must not be factored into this statement.

Do they have a reputable government license from which they offer their financial services? We will be coming to this shortly?

Roiteks License Advise

Roiteks is owned and operated by Green Oak LTD, which is located at: Rozova Dolina 26, Sofia, Bulgaria 1000.

The one thing you should know is that scams operate in a similar manner to Roiteks. During our review of Roiteks, we do not see a license. This trend is unmistakable of numerous scam broker. You need to find something that is authorized and also responsible. Roiteks broker is not one of them.

Review Verdict – Roiteks is a scam – Stay Away!

More questions still emerge as we conduct further scrutiny into the activities of this scam brokerage. Roiteks does not reveal their account options and the different features which they are allegedly offering traders/investors. There is no information about minimum deposit, leverage, trading platform and so on. This website has zero percent transparency and accountability.

With no information about their operations, trader are left to figure it out on their own. In fact, Roiteks comes across as a ponzi scam because no information has been revealed about their activities yet they are expecting traders to fund their respective accounts.

Also, with no trading platform revealed, traders are currently not able to decide whether or not to use this phony broker since most traders prefer MT4 platform, which we are not sure if this broker is offering.

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Our best advise for you

Aforementioned, it is clear that Roiteks is a scam company simply because scam brokers are anonymous and not regulated. They will steal your money and go, so we have blacklisted So, stay out of this company. There are lots of legit Forex brokers that you can trade online about which we have explained in detail which you can find by clicking the link above.

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  1. I invested $250 On option robot but Rooted was already there as my broker before I could choose one from the list I was given.
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