Ranger EA Review

Ranger EA features

Ranger EA is an automated trading robot by Ryan Brown. There are a number of Ranger EA youtube videos, but most are from internet sweet marketers.

The developer wants us to believe that Ranger Forex robot is an expert advisor with the long-term investor in mind.Ranger EA Review

Ranger EA Review

Ranger EA is the name of an EA whose owner believes can make ”projected monthly profit of 3-10% a month (default settings)”

The community should know that it is common to use marketing gimmicks and no trader should fall for such words unless there’s proof of good performance and absolute settings for customizing the EA.

This is why Scam EA Test always insist that developers should just keep it simple to their audience by providing their myfxbook account. With a myfxbook profile, it is easier to get an overview of trading results, performance and future outcome before purchasing an expert advisor. Ranger EA account

A copy of the Ranger Forex robot costs $497. This is way costly than even some of our preferred expert advisors.

The Ranger EA V4 we are reviewing today was first published at mQl5.com on 19 November, 2020. It was last updated 12 April, 2021 and allows for a generous 10 activations. Below screenshot shows reasons while the developer thinks that the Ranger expert advisor is the best EA robot ever.

Ranger EA features

Ranger EA Breakdown

Importantly, the latest Ranger EA trades was optimized and recommended to trade only the GBPCAD (M30 only) and AUDCAD (at H1 TF only). Furthermore, the default settings are best for AUDCAD.

  • Backtesting data shows no losing months in 10 years!
  • 0 losing month in 12 months of Live trading!
  • Projected monthly profit of 3-10% a month (default settings)
  • Trades every week
  • Trades the GBPCAD & AUDCAD like a pro.
  • Finds the best places to range trade the market
  • Trades better than most humans!
  • FIFO compliant

Ranger EA Strategy

This Forex robot is fully automated and features flex-grid trading system, pullbacks, trend following, money management and candlestick pattern. Below is a screenshot of what looks like Ranger EA in action.

Ranger EA strategy

The strategy explanation comes out elaborate and excellent, it looks like what was crafted by a professional EA developer.

Ranger EA Results

In the case of Ranger EA, a myfxbook.com account shows that the projected profit of 3-10 is not far-fetched. But thanks to myfxbook.com, there are other important thing you need to know about the Forex robot and its future outcome.

Ranger EA result1

The total gain is +96.96% and drawdown is 20%, out of 846 trades, the ea has won 595(70%) and lost 251(30%). This account has existed since January 2020, and since then the account is growing slowly with only $969.63 profit from an initial deposit of $1000. 

This year, the EA has managed to gain +13.06% with a total profit of $227.54. Drawdown appears to be coming out even more and concentrated, with the peak drawdown value seen not so far on March 17.

Ranger EA result2

Even though the developer tries to focus on acquiring small profits, it appears that their trading strategy has an element of high risk that is stimulating concurrent drawdown.

At this point, we are not in the shoes to recommend this EA for the obvious reason that the drawdown is coming out consistently. The vendor needs to tweak the strategy as soon as possible.

Compare Forex EA Robots

Profitable forex EA is not easy to find. Most of the EA might give you profits for some days and lose account after that. We always recommend testing EA to your virtual or demo account first to see results.

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