Quatron EA Review

Quatron EA is a hedging expert advisor that was first released by a Czech robot developer in October, 2018 with the latest version 5 released in November 2018. Till the latest version we have not yet seen any verified result from the software developers.

In order to get in touch with support, traders can message Marek directly via his MQL5 profile page.

Quatron EA Review

Clients of Quatron EA will get a multi currency and trading expert advisor. It is different from other EAs because it can “open multiple trades in one direction on one pair.”

The software trades major currency pairs: EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, comes with a built-in money management that will automatically increase and decrease based on the perceived risk of the trade, and a trading approach that isn’t explained in much detail.

The algorithm of this EA was not disclosed properly and the price comes on $1280.

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Algo Signals trading software

Trading in the financial markets used to be carried out verbally or visually by the traders on the exchange floors until the early 1990’s, when the computers started to be introduced to the industry. Nowadays, trading is almost entirely computerized, meaning that financial instruments are quoted electronically and traders buy and sell these instruments through electronic platforms. Along with the introduction of the computers to the industry came algorithmic (algo) trading which is carried out automatically by computer software or robots.

Algo trading has evolved a great deal since the late 1980s. Trading in many large investment firms is now done through algorithmic trading software, apart from their teams of professional traders and analysts.

With Algo Signals, traders can select stop loss or the take profit setting. By doing so they can set the exact amount to take their profit or when to stop their losses. Since there is not an expiry time for these, traders can make sure that their trades close as soon as they reach that prespecified prices. For instance, if a trader sets the stop loss to $50 and the take profit to $100 then, the system will automatically close that trade when it reaches either the price of $100 or $50.

The minimum deposit to start using Algo signals is $250, but you can first test it out on demo at algo-signals.com.

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