Quantum Wizard EA Review

Quantum Wizard EA claims to be a groundbreaking Forex Expert Advisor, promising unparalleled accuracy and performance when trading Dow Jones Indices on the M5 timeframe. It touts itself as a tool to diversify your portfolio through indices trading. However, a closer look at its features, trading strategy, and risk management reveals significant drawbacks.

Quantum Wizard EA MT4/MT5

Quantum Wizard EA Review

Quantum Wizard EA is marketed as an advanced trading tool for the Dow Jones Indices. It’s positioned as a solution for traders looking to add diversity to their portfolios. While this sounds appealing on the surface, let’s delve deeper into its features and functionality.

Quantum Wizard Features

One of the touted features of Quantum Wizard is the use of a tight Stop Loss and a trailing stop to exit profitable trades. While these are standard risk management tools, they are not unique to this EA. Furthermore, its activity during New York stock market times may not align with everyone’s trading schedule, limiting its usability.

Trading Strategy and Risk Management

Quantum Wizard’s trading strategy appears to lack innovation. It primarily focuses on trading the US30 (Dow Jones) with a fixed 30 pips Stop Loss and a trailing stop using an M5 chart. The Autolot function is standard, and the recommendation to use a VPS is not groundbreaking advice.


  1. It offers an opportunity to diversify your portfolio through indices trading.
  2. Provides a basic form of risk management with a Stop Loss and trailing stop.
  3. It may be suitable for traders who can operate during New York stock market times.


  1. Quantum Wizard’s features are not unique or revolutionary.
  2. Its trading strategy is limited and lacks innovation.
  3. It operates exclusively on the US30, limiting its versatility.
  4. The requirement for a low spread account with specific brokers like IC Markets or Pepperstone may restrict users.
  5. It does not cater to prop accounts, limiting its applicability.


Quantum Wizard EA falls short of its claims to offer unmatched accuracy and performance in Dow Jones Indices trading. Its features and trading strategy are far from groundbreaking, and its limitations, such as the need for specific broker accounts, limit its accessibility to traders. If you’re seeking a more reliable and innovative Forex EA, consider exploring options on the best Forex EA page for superior alternatives.

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