Quantum Trade EA Review

Quantum Trade EA is a Forex expert advisor that promises to revolutionize trading in the GBPUSD pair. Drawing from over 13 years of trading experience, the Quantum Trade EA introduces a novel breakout zone strategy, aiming to enhance trading outcomes and provide traders with a reliable tool to navigate the dynamic forex market.

Quantum Trade EA

Quantum Trade EA Features

One of the standout features of the Quantum Trade EA is its emphasis on responsible trading practices. Unlike many other expert advisors, it avoids risky methods such as Martingale, grid, or hedge. Instead, it focuses on a safer approach by employing small stop loss (SL) and take profit (TP) levels for each trade. This approach is coupled with a Trailing Stop mechanism to secure gains as the trade progresses.

Additionally, the Quantum Trade EA maintains a disciplined trading approach by allowing only one maximum open trade at a time. This helps prevent overexposure and aligns with a controlled risk management strategy. The EA also incorporates an autolot function, simplifying trade sizing decisions for users.

Trading Strategy

The Quantum Trade EA’s breakout zone strategy capitalizes on market volatility by identifying precise breakout points. This strategy is designed to seize trading opportunities as they arise, making the most of market fluctuations. By focusing on the GBPUSD pair and utilizing a one-trade-at-a-time approach, the EA aims to provide traders with targeted and well-timed entries and exits.

The implementation of a trailing stop using the H1 chart enhances the exit strategy, allowing for potential gains to be locked in as the trade progresses. Moreover, the EA’s commitment to closing or deleting orders within the same day adds an additional layer of risk management.

Trading Benefits

  1. Safety and Responsibility: Quantum Trade EA sets itself apart by shunning risky trading methods, prioritizing traders’ capital protection with its small SL/TP approach and incorporating a Trailing Stop mechanism.
  2. Focused Trading: By concentrating solely on the GBPUSD pair and limiting the maximum number of open trades to one, the EA maintains a focused and controlled trading environment.
  3. Easy Setup: The EA boasts easy installation and default settings that are designed to be optimal right out of the box. This user-friendly feature is beneficial for both novice and experienced traders.
  4. Optimized for Performance: Backtest results, as provided in the comment section, offer traders a glimpse into the EA’s historical performance, aiding in informed decision-making.
  5. Versatility: The EA’s compatibility with various account types and recommended brokers (such as IC Markets and Pepperstone) with low spreads enhances its adaptability to different trading environments.
  6. VPS Recommendation: While not essential, the recommendation for a Virtual Private Server (VPS) further demonstrates the EA’s commitment to efficiency and uninterrupted trading operations.


The Quantum Trade EA by Bogdan Ion Puscasu introduces a fresh approach to trading the GBPUSD pair, utilizing a responsible strategy that steers clear of risky methods. With a focus on volatility-based breakout zones, controlled risk management, and optimized trade execution, the EA offers traders an opportunity to engage confidently in the forex market. Its commitment to delivering reliable results, demonstrated by backtest outcomes, and its user-friendly setup make it a noteworthy addition to traders’ toolkits.

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