Pure Alpha EA Review

Pure Alpha EA portrays their platform as some virtuous scalping solution when in reality it is a sleek, non-transparent and dangerous investment opportunity. Incorporating the widely abused Forex trading strategy Price Action using Volatility concept, Pure Alpha EA insists that the software will monitor current market conditions, and attempt to determine the direction of the trend before placing trades. Of course, no disclosure regarding trading or scalping is mentioned anywhere upon the site, while every component of the site was carefully crafted in order to better deceive inexperienced forex investors.

As you will shortly find out for yourself, the promises promoted by Pure Alpha EA producers aren’t all cracked up to what they are meant to be. To learn about the true illicit nature of Pure Alpha EA, while harvesting all the relevant facts, we invite you to continue reading our investigative review.

Pure Alpha EA is a scalping system owned by  Alexander Gerlach. He is located in Germany and is still selling the same version of this software launched on october, 2017.

Pure Alpha EA Review

Pure Alpha EA operates as a reliable scalping trading provider within the forex niche. Like most ominous expert advisors, Pure Alpha EA claims to keeping the risk and drawdown very low as a way to lure unexpected investors into their deceptive trading trap. The scalper trades mostly at night and the strategy focuses on scalping the Asian session. You are required to use their recommended Low spread ECN brokers and a low latency VPS.

Normally, the EA uses the stop loss and take profit features. Though claim to provide personal support and optimized setting files developed specifically for each traders goals, it appears that Pure Alpha EA  possesses no morality and will employ any measures necessary to achieve a larger wake of victims.

Pure Alpha EA Package

The Pure Alpha Forex Robot costs $2499 for a one time purchase. You can rent for a month at a price of $59/month or $159/3 month or Yearly at at a price of $585. The scalper trades on EURUSD, USDCHF and the preferred time frames are M5 and M15.

Red Flags

Pure Alpha EA possesses a great number of red flags that should be weighed appropriately before deciding to commit with their service. For example, the owners fail to update their live trading result to show more recent dates, and it is a reason while you should not trust their services. Their profit potential of .12% daily requires that you should trade with a very big deposit or get ready to stay on one software for over a year even if the owners stop updating the software. Next, we found no transparent records to indicate that Pure Alpha EA is actually making profits, making this operation even more untrustworthy. As you can, the customers reviews seen on MQL5 market place is generic  and can be written by anyone.

Can Pure Alpha EA be Trusted?

Pure Alpha EA is not a trustworthy operation, the reality is that they are nothing more than another broker add-on . Enticing forex enthusiasts by creating a false sense of expectations, while promoting a business model that is not only over hyped but too good to be true is a telltale sign we are dealing with a n unreliable investment opportunity.

Pure Alpha EA Review Conclusion

Pure Alpha EA exhibits all the unscrupulous traits necessary to be classified unworthy expert advisor. Operating as their sole entity, Pure Alpha EA accepts zero responsibility for any circumstances that may occur on their platform, while remaining absolutely firm about a zero refund policy. with an out dated trading result, we must urge our subscribers to avoid this malicious scam operation at all cost necessary.

Review Verdict – Pure Alpha EA is a Scam

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