Pterodactyl Forex Robot Review

Pterodactyl Forex Robot Features

Pterodactyl Forex Robot is an automated trading robot owned by the Forex Robot Trader team. This team wants traders to know that this EA is the ”Next level intelligence that will devour your forex charts.” The EA was created to work with advanced fractal calculations and retracements. Furthermore, the team is boasting that the Pterodactyl Forex Robot finds the juiciest trend trades automatically using fractals and retracements.

There’s a lot of selling here and there on the sales page. In fact, the sales pitch is very persuading. There is a sales time and they even claim that this Forex robot has made $217,673 so far this year, $38,755 in April and $50,994 last 30 Days. This is definitely a bold statement to make which is why we need to scrutinize this robot in details to find out the truth.

Currently, it’s unknown who the owners of the Forex Robot Trader website are. We’ve tried searching for more background information about the new ownership after the passage of the original founder, Don Steinitz, but to no avail.

In the meantime, traders can take advantage of these Forex trading resources as they are consistently making money.

Pterodactyl Forex Robot Review

Pterodactyl Forex Robot Review

They claim that the EA hunt down the biggest trades on your charts using advanced fractal calculations and retracements. They said that the Pterodactyl Forex Robot mix and match multiple forex pairs to maximize your results.

Notably on their sales page, there are 6 reasons why traders should be interested in the Pterodactyl Forex Robot:

  • Automated Fractal Trading
  • Incredibly Intelligent
  • Built On A Powerful Strategy
  • Perfect For Anyone
  • Any Pairs You Want
  • Better Trades In Minutes

Pterodactyl Forex Robot Features

These features are basic but they are popular among forex robot vendors. You can also match some of these features in our recent review of Star Trade NightProfit 2.

This EA presently cost $79 and on their webpage, you will see a time counter representing the Forex robot special price sale but we noticed that this timer refreshes anytime we reload the page.

Pterodactyl Forex Robot Timer

FRT is making use of an old but effective marketing strategies used to coerce potential customers into buying products without performing in depth research.

Pterodactyl Forex Robot Strategy

By now, we know that the EA works by advanced Fractal calculations and retracements. The robot is developed to handle thousands of real time fractal calculations per minute. The Pterodactyl Forex Robot is the automated version of Fractal Breakout Forex Indicator but the Pterodactyl Forex Robot has an extra built in filter for false signals coming in. This Pterodactyl Forex Robot algorithm evaluates the strength of a particular trend and calculates the best time to enter the market based on retracements. Once a retracement is observed it plots fractal set ups and trades them for you automatically.

This strategy explanation is worthwhile but comes short when you compare it with what you will see in our recent review of Forex Sugar EA. The vendor needs to add more flesh to this strategy description if they want the robot to compete with its peers.

Pterodactyl Forex Robot Result

After going through the sales page, we were very much interested in seeing their verified live trading results. Indeed the vendor has provided a link to a showing their alleged trades this month. They tell us that the EA has made $217,673 so far this year and $43,633 in May 2020.

Pterodactyl Forex Robot Result

As you can see, these trades could have been cherry-picked and therefore real or could have been fabricated for the sake of marketing. The bottom line is that there’s no assurance that the results they’re trying to show us are real.

This is why we prefer vendors who use statement sharing platforms like In fact, makes vendors look very professional in the eyes of potential consumers.

A vendor with a verified wins trust instantly. Unfortunately, this is something that the FRT team has refused to use to pass their message across. For us, we’re not convinced that it is as profitable as they claim.


We don’t want to be too stupid so as to believe that Pterodactyl Forex Robot is the next big thing after we’ve seen many Forex EAs come and go.

The only thing that matters in 2020 is to see that a trading product vendor is using a myfxbook verified account to display their trades and authenticate their claim to fame.

Otherwise, we consider Pterodactyl Forex Robot just another sales page promoting a magic trading robot.

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