Pro Bitcoin Bot Review

Pro Bitcoin Bot is a poor and crappy trading robot whose owner is probably malicious and greedy for your money. They will mess you up in no time. But you can choose to stay on the safer side by investing in these robots instead. The decision lies with you.

Pro Bitcoin Bot Scam – Beware!

You must realize that this robot is very dangerous because it has a trap that most people are likely to fall for. As you can see, Pro Bitcoin Bot has a demo mode from which you can allegedly test it for free. That is, you won’t spend any money when testing it.

The demo account is generating fake results. These results would never be realized in a real trading environment since the robot is using a fake price feed and manipulating results to show an extremely high win rate. If you ever used this robot on a real trading environment, the win rate would be way below 50%. This would automatically turn into loss of your trading capital.

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